As part of our European bouquet collection, we are debuting a special edition vase that not only fits perfectly with each of our European bouquets, but also makes for a great home décor item long after your blooms are gone.

Our eclectic fleur-de-lis vase encapsulates the French market atmosphere and whimsical European culture by utilizing a symbol deeply rooted in European history.




To find out more about the design story behind this evergreen staple, we sat down with Mallory Green, a head floral designer at ProFlowers, and the woman behind this stunning vase. We wanted to know why she chose the symbol and how she designed the fleur-de-lis vase that is included with many of our best selling flowers.

ProFlowers: The fleur-de-lis is everywhere—in home décor, fashion, art, and even as a symbol for a certain Super Bowl–winning team. What made you decide to design a vase where the fleur-de-lis symbol is the focal point?

Mallory: The fleur-de-lis is definitely just as popular in all of Europe right now as it has been throughout history. When designing the European bouquets, I could think of nothing else that so perfectly encapsulated the epitome of French style and European culture.

The fleur-de-lis symbol is so historical that it is hard to imagine a time it did not exist. While there are varying accounts of when the symbol first came to fruition, most agree it is rooted in French royal history. The symbol represents the lily flower, but it also characterizes varying metaphors used throughout history.

PF: The limited-edition vase is wrapped in burlap. Why did you decide to use this particular fabric for the fleur-de-lis vase?

Mallory: Along with the fleur-de-lis, burlap is so in right now. I see it everywhere. It is in high fashion across Europe, and it has definitely made its way across the pond and over to America.  While it is a staple for DIY’ers, I felt that this organic touch would bring the European look and feel full circle.




PF: Tell us about how you design vases and concept these ideas. What is your design concepting process like? 

Mallory: I have been working as a floral designer for over 15 years, and floral design is all about staying current and anticipating what is next. Whether that is through magazines or Pinterest, you name it—I am on it! I start by considering what types of materials will work for vases and what won’t. Then, I try to play with textures and set up a mood board of ideas that help keep things top of mind. Sometimes, I will start a vase and set it aside until an idea comes to me. The idea is to be creative and have fun playing with textures—to create something that hasn’t been done before.




The fleur-de-lis vase is the picture-perfect accompaniment to the European collection, which is available for a limited time. We can’t wait to see what Mallory and the rest of the ProFlowers floral design team will think of next.