Between his many responsibilities, it is no surprise that the man of the house finds little time for relaxation. Since it is so essential to one’s well-being, Father’s Day is a great time to show your love by giving him the gift of relaxation.

Is helping him relax a gift? Absolutely! Plus, it’s easy to do, shows a great deal of effort, and is far better than getting him just another tie this year.  With a little bit of creative thinking, you can give your man the ultimate gift—the chance to relax this Father’s Day.

To help you get your creative juices flowing, here are five ways to help dad relax this Father’s Day.


Bring some Zen into his office.

His office can be a stressful and chaotic place. A desktop plant that is easy to take care of is a simple yet truly effective way to bring a better sense of calm into the workplace. One with an easy upkeep and positive meaning is perfect—such as the Lucky Bamboo plant, said to bring luck to all who possess it.

 Lucky Bamboo for Dad


Escape for a romantic relaxing weekend.

Get that babysitter booked and indulge your honey with a relaxing romantic weekend (or even just a night) away. He may never admit it, but chances are your sweetheart loves to be pampered. Grab some lavender infused massage oil and treat him to a relaxing massage. What you do the rest of the night…we’ll leave that up to you.

Lavender Massage Oil for Dad


Give him permission to play.

He works hard, is a fantastic husband, and wonderful father. Giving him time off from all of these is an essential part of relaxation – and one he rarely gets to do. A day with his buddies for a round of golf will melt away his stress and revitalize his spirit. Add some new golf gear with wine to sip while he shares his “you had to see it” golf stories and you’re guaranteed to see a grin attune to a kid in the world’s biggest candy store.
14-PROCOM-030 Bottle


Help him unwind the old-fashioned way.

Sometimes helping him relax is just a matter of letting him zone out. When he gets home from work, have him kick off his shoes and put his feet up. Instruct the kids to stay away and keep the noise down. Get a nice tumbler and make him a classic cocktail from scratch that he can savior. You may have to practice a few times beforehand to get it just right, but an Old-Fashioned is an ideal concoction for this. It is the quintessential icon for the true original cocktail and classic Mad Men style after work drink.Old Fashioned Drink For Dad


Plan a breakfast picnic alfresco.

The terms “kids” and “relax” usually fit together like oil and water, so having the kids plan something for their dad will be all the more unexpected and special. This would require a lot of help in the kitchen but have the kids prepare a surprise breakfast picnic for their dad on Father’s day. Indulging in his favorite comfort foods and having a nice day to chill out in the sun with his children will make him feel like a carefree kid again.
Waffle Reszied


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