Holiday Printables

You don’t have to be artistic, creative or have a lot of spare time on your hands to make your home beautiful and festive for the holidays. We’ve created ways for you to set a lovely table with a personal touch, just by coloring in the lines. Our printables allow you to make your own coasters, food flags, leftovers labels, napkin rings, placecards and even coloring sheets for the kids just by printing pages, decorating them in your own style and using them for your holiday entertaining.

Printable coasters allow you to make Christmas decorations that will last for years to come. Simply print, cut out and decorate the coasters, then insert them into something like clear acrylic round cases you can find at craft and hobby stores which will create long-lasting accessories that don’t damage your table or become ruined at the first drop of moisture.

Food flags and leftovers labels add color and spice to your entertaining; especially if you’re hosting a large party where guests may have particular tastes or dietary restrictions, having food flags with the name and key ingredients in each dish is considerate and appreciated. Then, send each guest home with a delectable memory — rather than allowing all those delicious leftovers to go to waste, have leftovers labels printed and readily accessible. All you need to do is write the name of the dish on the label, sign your name and your guests get to have the party continue even after they’ve left!

Holiday Printable Toothpick Flags

Regardless of how you and yours celebrate the holidays, these printables’ theme of peace, love and joy is universal. A simple message, a lovely sentiment, and fast and easy decorating makes the holidays fun for everyone.

Click on the images below for a link to the full sized printable PDFs.

Holiday Printable CoastersHoliday Printable Place Cards

Holiday Printable Napkin RingsHoliday Printable Toothpick Flags

Holiday Printable Kids Coloring PageHoliday Printable Leftover Tags

Holiday Printable Place Cards

Holiday Printable Coloring Pages