There is nothing quite like walking around outdoors, browsing, sampling and picking out the freshest produce at a farmer’s market. It’s like a feast for the senses with all the colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers currently in season at every turn.

Who do you enjoy going to farmer’s markets with the most? It’s always more fun to explore with someone who loves farmer’s markets just as much as you do. You can bounce new recipe ideas off one another or discuss which blooms will best liven up your living spaces.

A fun idea for your favorite farmer’s market friend is to send a little piece of the farmer’s market freshness right to their door, especially if they no longer live nearby to go with you regularly. You may be surprised to learn that ProFlowers offers the same exact bright, fresh, beautiful blooms you would see at your local marketplace. Here are some perfect, seasonal bouquets to surprise your best shopping buddy, just because:


A Visit to the Market with ProFlowers

Sunflowers – Radiant, beautiful and without a doubt one of the most cheerful flowers in existence. These bright beauties are all over farmer’s markets this time of year and are absolutely irresistible. Send a fresh bouquet of these sunny blossoms to remind someone of the sweet summer days you spent together.


A Visit to the Market with ProFlowers

Also known as Peruvian Lilies – Do you recall seeing a bright pink, yellow, orange and every-color-in-between bouquet at the farmer’s market recently? These are Peruvian lilies and are a sure-fire way to brighten up any living space. Send these charming beauties to a well-deserving friend and they will surely enjoy reminiscing about all the fun you’ve had together, especially shopping for local goods.



A Visit to the Market with ProFlowers

Orchids – A common presence at farmer’s markets, these extraordinary and exotic plants are something truly special—just like your friendship. Orchids may require special attention, however are positively radiant when they blossom. Send a cherished friend or loved one this pretty plant to let them know they are on your mind and are simply irreplaceable.


Farmer’s markets are most enjoyable when attended with a special friend or loved one. While distance may make your weekly farmer’s market outings with that person less frequent, there are ways to send the fun and freshness of the farmer’s market right to their door. Go to to see what other farmer’s market finds you can send.