Fall is officially here and that means the holidays aren’t far behind.  But you might be surprised to know there is another important season that men all around the world are preparing for – engagement season. In fact, nearly 40% of wedding proposals take place during the holidays. That’s a lot of nervous men.

Fall Engagement Season

What could be the reason for the popularity of the holiday proposal? Perhaps we’re simply in the mood for celebrating at this time of year. Who can blame us? With all that sharing of good cheer, mistletoe smooching and champagne flowing, who wouldn’t feel the urge to seize this seemingly perfect opportunity and declare our lasting devotion? There is also the added excitement of sharing this amazing moment with friends and family as you sit down for that big holiday meal.

So how does a guy go about planning the ideal Autumn proposal? Well, that all depends on how he plans to pop the question. It will definitely require a bit of preparation, but whether it’s an over-the-top extravaganza or a romantic proposal along the beach, making it memorable is all about staying true to your personality.

Proposal Style

The Risk Taker – This guy definitely puts himself out there. From renting the Jumbotron at Yankee Stadium, hiring skywriters to propose in giant letters across the city skyline or popping the question in front of a hundred family and friends, the Risk Taker is fearless. He’s willing to take a chance that she will accept in grand style. You can’t help but admire that.

The True Romantic – The True Romantic strives to create a memorable moment. He takes note when she mentions tulips are her favorite blooms, or that she loved the chocolate soufflé at a specific restaurant. Adding in a few of the classics – champagne, candlelight and dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date – is how he puts together a wedding proposal she will cherish forever.

The Maverick – You never know what this guy is going to do, but you can bet it will be unique. Why go for understated when you can have extraordinary, is his motto. The Maverick is a close cousin to the Risk Taker, but the Maverick is all about pulling off the ultimate surprise. Flash mobs of Broadway dancers are one of his favorites.

The Traditionalist – It may be 2013, but the Traditionalist understands that there is something beautifully sentimental about seeking her father’s permission prior to getting down on bended knee or proposing with his grandmother’s heirloom ring. For him, including a special family or religious tradition is a way to honor his past as he looks forward to the future with his would-be bride.

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