We’re in the midst of the fabulous fall season, when beautiful wreaths adorn every door on the block and pumpkins pop up all around our homes. When decorating this year, why don’t you try something new and draw design inspiration from the season? Elements of nature, like fall foliage and partly cloudy skies, can spark ideas for new color palettes and wall art. The ever-changing trends of the fashion world, on the other hand, can influence different shapes and texture combinations used in different decor pieces. In fact, fall decor ideas and style inspiration can bloom form almost anything this season — even your pumpkin spice latte.

Yes, you heard us right! Your favorite fall drinks can provide inspiration for everything from your  Thanksgiving tablescape to your fall mantle setup. Classic flavors like apple cinnamon cider create a sense of nostalgia while modern tastes, like pumpkin spice, have a more contemporary feel. Read on to learn how your favorite fall drinks can inspire unique and fun fall decor ideas!

Modern Fall Decor Ideas: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice drinks are a mix of sweet and spicy flavors wrapped up in a creamy layer of milk. Everyone is obsessed with these salty-and-sweet drinks, making them an obvious choice to draw inspiration from for modern fall decor.

The eclectic flavors of this beverage inspire us to invite different styles into our home, like mixed textures, unique fabrics and nontraditional fall color palettes. Recent decor trends include moodier palettes and mixed styles, so this combination of complementary opposites is a great homage to a pumpkin spice–inspired room. Check out our modern fall decor ideas below to see how our generation’s “it” drink can inspire your contemporary fall hideaway.

Traditional Fall Decor Ideas: Apple Cinnamon Cider

Enjoying a perfectly warmed cup of apple cider brings back memories of unwinding with family after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Traditional fall decor in our homes give us the same feeling.

Walking into a room decorated with traditional pieces fills us with a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. Pops of orange and knitted throws are exactly what we need to see when we’re visiting family for the first time in a while or coming home after a long day at work. These seasonal colors and plush fabrics are reminiscent of a simpler time when our parents decorated the house for fall and when our siblings hogged the throw blankets during family movie night. Peruse through our traditional fall decor ideas to see how the warmth of your mom’s famous apple cider can inspire a comfy autumn den.

Boho Fall Decor Ideas: Salted Caramel

Did you know that salt is used in drinks and desserts to bring out sweetness? That’s why you’ll find grains of salt on some of your favorite treats. This surprising mix of salty and sweet is similar to boho-styled rooms, which mixes unexpected patterns and textures.

A few unconventionally placed pieces can create a true boho look, just like how a right dash of salt can bring bring out a drink’s sweetness. Shabby chic pieces, laid-back furniture and splashes of color define this relaxed style. Take a look at our boho fall decor ideas to see how your salted caramel drink can help you create a boho paradise.

boho fall decor ideas

Whimsical Fall Decor Ideas: Maple Pecan

These drinks give us a hint of the great outdoors thanks to their nature-inspired flavors. Maple syrup and fresh pecans give this drink a woodsy feel with a hint of wonder that is reminiscent of whimsical decor.

This decor style includes upcycled pieces, fresh greenery and lots of natural wood. The natural elements in both the drink and decor style make this the perfect design direction for anyone looking to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the modern era in favor of a simpler time. Look through our maple pecan–inspired fall decor ideas to see how you can achieve a whimsical fall getaway.

whimsical fall decor ideas

You can find fall decor ideas in every aspect of your life, including your favorite beverages. Now that you have fall ideas to draw from, take some time to see how you can incorporate some of these tips into your upcoming Friendsgiving celebration. Don’t forget to pick up a fresh bouquet and Thanksgiving centerpieces to finish up your fall look! If you need help picking out fall flowers for your table, check out our bouquet and latte pairings to see even more ways your favorite drinks can help elevate your style!