You just received a bright, blossoming bouquet from a friend, family member, coworker or the love of your life. You want to preserve this lovely sentiment for as long as possible, but how? Sadly, cut flowers have a shelf life. And while ProFlowers offers a seven-day freshness guarantee, flowers don’t last forever.

You may think you have tried everything in the book to make your flowers last longer, but you haven’t. Try any of these five uncommon flower care tips from our very own Floral Stylists and you are sure to see a vast improvement in the longevity of your blooms:

unique flower tips

1. Add about ¼ cup of Sprite to the water. The sugar from the soda essentially “feeds” the flowers and the lemon-lime flavoring has enough acidity to stop any harmful toxins from growing in the water.

2. Use garden shears, not scissors to trim the ends of the stems for a clean diagonal cut. The flowers can “drink” the nutrients from the water more easily and hence live longer.

3. Add a dash of bleach to the water to kill any bacteria—the number-one destroyer of flowers.

4. Remove the pollen before it starts to get all over the table, vase, etc.

5. Dump out dirty water, wash the vase and replace it with nice clean water every other day. Giving the flowers a clean environment makes them happier and last longer.

It’s always a little heartbreaking when your once beautiful blooms wither. Keep them fresh and vibrant for as long as possible, and preserve the happy feelings you got upon receiving them as well. Do you have any surprising or unusual methods for making flowers last?