When our head floral designer Kate Law had the opportunity to venture to Europe for the world’s largest floral design trade show, she jumped at the opportunity. Boarding a plane, she left with excitement about the up-to-the-minute trends and different design techniques she would soon bring home with her. It turned out that she was truly inspired by a vibrant culture and artisan approach to living that permeated every country, every landscape, and every home she encountered. It was a place where beauty, design and nature were interwoven into the core of everyday life.


As Kate traveled throughout the region, she absorbed this type of culture and brainstormed innovative ideas in floral design that she could use back in the States.

Map of Europe

Her first stop was Holland, which prides itself on being the country where floral cultivation all began. Kate explains, “What I found truly amazing, is how unafraid they are to play with different textures and experiment with odd combinations. They are innovators. It’s hard not to be inspired by that.”

As Kate made her way around famous tulip fields, lush gardens, and quaint towns, she became entranced by the juxtaposition of their agricultural methods to their design methods.

While the tulip fields of Holland are an impeccably planned structure of organized design, Dutch bouquets showcase brazen experimentation and a playful approach to “perfectly imperfect” design, a trend they have genuinely refined.

European Rose Bouquet

Meanwhile, the French je ne sais quoi attitude and less put-together style is the perfect balance between bold and organic which transcends to the vibrant bouquets of France. This bouquet pairs together saturated colorful blooms in such a natural way, creating unstructured floral designs that seem like they were plucked from the French countryside on a tranquil sunny day.

However, when Kate visited the famed Garden of Versailles and Monet’s garden, a different side of France surfaced. It was almost as if she traveled back in time to the Victorian era and beyond—where the colorful blooms and opulent gardens were reminiscent of the indulgence and beauty of historical Paris.

What perhaps stood out the most and which sparked a firestorm of creative ideas is not only the biggest floral trend in Europe this year, but also one of the biggest health trends here—Kale. The vegetable that is taking America by storm is revamping and revitalizing European design, along with other unusual garnishes like rice flower and thistle. The striking purple veins along the lush green kale leaves add an almost shocking surprise in an otherwise classic Market Blooms Bouquet.

After the tourist destinations, picturesque towns and eclectic landscapes, the most memorable element of European culture was how connected nature and flowers are to daily life. It is something Kate feels we should all be inspired by. “Flowers are everywhere here,” remarked Kate. “Shops and vendors line every street corner, gardens lurk around every turn, and even the restaurants are full of bouquets. People pick up flowers on their way home from work the same way we pick up coffee. It’s a central component of life for everyone.”

Europe Inspired Desk

Kate has brought this European culture home with our European Collection bouquets that made their debut on August 22nd. Each bouquet showcased the distinctive aesthetics and striking landscapes that inspired Kate on her trip, resulting in a collection of unique bouquets unlike any we have ever created before.