Many people don’t have the space to create a gorgeous display of flowering plants outside of their homes. However, just because you lack a garden doesn’t mean you can’t use flowers to spruce up the look of your house. Many urban dwellers have found that window boxes are the perfect solution because they’re unobtrusive and can hold designer flowers that will complement your digs. Here’s how to get them set up.

Choosing a Container

The first step in creating the perfect window box is to choose the actual container. According to DIY Network, you should ensure that your box has drainage holes so that water doesn’t collect in the bottom and rot the roots of your flowers and plants. Cedar is a good choice because it’s naturally rot-resistant, but many other types of woods work as long as you use a plastic liner inside. Terra cotta boxes are also a great option because they keep the soil from drying out. Ultimately, it’s up to you which colors and materials to use – just make sure they’re at least eight inches wide and deep, suggests the National Gardening Association (NGA).

Picking Your Plants

When you have the perfect container, it’s time to pick your plants. The NGA points out that you should choose a variety of plants with several different growth habits. For example, mix trailing vines with spiky, upright flowers and fluffy types of blooms to create an interesting dynamic. Several different leaf sizes also works to create an exciting display. The news source also suggests picking out colors that will complement your house, whether they match the paint job or contrast with it.

Planting Your Blooms

Once you have the container and the plants, it’s time to pick up a good-quality potting mix for your flowers to grow in. DIY Network recommends filling the box half-full of the mix, then adding in the plants starting from front to back. Fill in the area around the roots with more soil, making sure that the tops of the root balls are just barely underneath the surface of the soil (if you plant the roots too deep, they could rot and kill your blooms). Once your flowers are planted, water them and mount the box in the desired location.

Because your window box is exposed to the elements, it should be watered on a regular basis – daily if the weather is hot and dry.