easter egg kid

Aside from offering your children personalized Easter baskets and traditional Easter candy like Peeps, you might be looking for other ways to motivate your kids to become involved in this springtime holiday. If your little ones love a good story and have vivid imaginations, Easter poems might be right up their alley. Try reading a few poems out loud, then ask them to draw colorful scenes that depict what they just heard. Not only will this be a fun activity – you’ll also end up with some great artwork to hang up on the fridge! Here are a few poems to consider.

Easter Greeting

Written by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr., this piece highlights an Easter bunny delivering golden eggs of peace to knights and ladies. The last few lines read: “Which makes all earthly woes to cease/By filling hearts with love for others/So self’s forgot as we help our brother.” The poem features a few poignant images that kids can easily draw and also drives home a nice message about caring for your friends and family.

May Easter Rabbit in your heart’s nest
Lay the golden egg upon whose quest
All knights and ladies plain and fair,
Are seeking, seeking everywhere.
The longed for GOLDEN EGG of PEACE
Which makes all earthly woes to cease
By filling hearts with LOVE FOR OTHERS,
So self’s forgot as we help our brother

Chocolate Rabbit

BethanyRoberts.com features a fun Easter poem about chocolate Easter bunnies. Highlighting a child who received a chocolate Easter bunny, which he then consumes over the course of several days, the poem ends with, “Oh, I loved that chocolate rabbit/From the moment that he came/And if I get another one/I’ll love him just the same.” Warning – the humorous prose may immediately entice your children to eat their own chocolate bunnies. Read it here.

Funny Bunny

This poem by Grandpa Tucker details the journey of a rabbit comedian who tried too hard to be funny. When she was juggling eggs, she dropped them all and left the stage. However, she saw an ad that read: “This Sunday we need help real bad,” and started delivering Easter eggs instead. The literature piece features scores of funny images that your kids will likely adore.

Little Easter, the comedienne bunny,
Tried too hard at being funny.
She juggled and she dropped the eggs
They fell and smashed between her legs.
Poor Easter left the stage in shame
And thought that she might change her name.
But then that bunny read this ad,
“This Sunday we need help real bad.”
So Easter Bunny kept her name
And through the years has gained much fame,
When Easter’s Sunday comes each year.
She delivers eggs and we all cheer.

Little Bell

This work by Thomas Westwood features religious undertones, so it’s perfect for teaching your kids the real meaning of Easter. The piece talks about a young girl named Little Bell, who spends a wonderful day outside meeting spring’s creatures – specifically a singing blackbird and a nut-gathering squirrel. At the end of the day, she goes to bed to pray and an angel watched over her. The poem ends with: “God doth bless with angels’ care/Child, thy bed shall be Folded safe from harm/Love, deep and kind, Shall watch around, and leave good gifts behind/Little Bell, for thee.” Read it here.