Easter Lilies

Easter is full of many customs, traditions, and symbols borrowed from Christianity and the ancient world. The religious origin of Easter finds representation in Christian imagery, while most people are familiar with the brightly colored eggs and hopping bunnies that come to us from the spring festivals of antiquity. But, a common thread connects these symbols – all represent fertility, new life, and rebirth. With their soft, delicate petals and sprouting young buds, it’s no wonder Easter flowers are also fitting emblems for this time of year.

Spring flowers are the perfect way to add warmth, radiance, and feelings of cheer to any Easter celebration – they are a fitting symbol for the season. Spring flowers have always represented fertility, abundance, and renewal, so choosing colorful and fragrant Easter flowers is the best way to fill a space with the symbolism and meaning of Easter. Easter flowers awaken the senses and remind you of new beginnings.

Aromatic Easter blossoms are very calming – the pure scent draws you in like the gentle sound of a baby’s giggles. The natural perfume of pretty azaleas, vibrant red tulips, peaceful daisies, and crisp white lilies will invigorate your spirit and suffuse a room with new life.

Because every Easter flower is the vivid token of a different sentiment, we have decided to make it easy for you to choose the finest array of blooms for the occasion. Here you’ll find descriptions of Easter flowers and their rich meanings – you’ll know exactly what bouquet to select this Easter.


White Easter Lilies

An ancient symbol of the Resurrection, white lilies are appropriate for an Easter celebration. Easter wouldn’t be complete without Easter lilies, the subtle sign of purity and hope gracing your home, making it feel fresh and filling your heart with joy and serenity.


Bursting with color and beauty, azaleas breathe life into a room and invite pure color to a table setting with a whisper of fragility, temperance, and passion.


As messengers of love, passion, and belief, tulips are a faithful representation of the values important to the celebration of Easter and will infuse your home with colorful energy.


The sweet aroma of innocence and loyalty can only come from the simple daisy. Also signifying purity and gentleness, this flower will imbue any environment with the good tidings of Easter.


If you’re looking for something that will rejuvenate your spirit and surround you with tranquility during the Easter season, consider getting Easter flowers to adorn and enliven your home. At Easter time, families have many traditions – make the perfect bouquet of Easter flowers part of your cherished moments this Easter.

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