Easter gives us a wonderful reason to introduce the vibrant colors and sweet scents of spring into our homes and offices. With Easter flower arrangements of fragrant lavender, cheery daffodils, and brightly colored tulips, you can easily bring the liveliness of spring indoors for your most special Easter-themed engagements. Whether you are planning an elaborate dinner party or want to give thoughtful gifts to family and friends, Easter flowers are a great way to celebrate this wonderful time of year.

Spring Fling:

Gather your family members and friends for an Easter-themed gathering. The key here is to keep the fling in your spring. Take the hassle out of your Easter party and order hors d’oeuvres from a local specialty shop or your favorite restaurant, and serve a simple, yet refreshing, sparkling lemonade.

Cross decor off your list and place small bouquets of Easter tulips about your home. Put aside 8 -10 of your favorite coffee mugs or colored water glasses. Cut the stems of your tulips so that the head starts about 2 inches above the top of the glass. Place 3 – 4 stems in each glass, and then place the glasses around your home at different eye levels. Presto! Now you can sit back and enjoy both your company and their compliments on your simply perfect Easter flower arrangements.

Fall in Love with Flowers:

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and is thus the ideal opportunity to send flowers. With so much color and contrast in spring and Easter flowers, you really are spoiled for choice.

If you’re hosting or attending Easter brunch, make sure Easter flower arrangements play a central role on the dining room table. And you don’t have to use cut flowers, either. Try a more unusual presentation like a potted Crocus Nest or Lavender Bulb Garden. Adding just a little twist in presentation can really set the mood.

Bright Easter Treats:

Of course, you wish that all of your favorite people will be able to share in your Easter holiday, but for those you may not see, you can easily send your sentiments with Easter flower arrangements. A bit more savvy than run-of-the-mill baskets full of candy, bright floral Easter treats are sure delight the senses of those you’re looking to touch.

Send fabulously fragrant Easter lilies to a loved one who can use a little pick-me-up. These large white flowers will bloom right in front of their eyes into a gorgeous artistic display. For a more lighthearted gift, try daisies or extra-special hyacinths. Both are cheerful choices for the Easter Holiday. However you choose to do so, making flowers a part of your Easter can only make it brighter.

However you choose to do so, making flowers a part of your Easter can only make it brighter. For more information on Easter flowers and Easter flower arrangements, visit our Easter Flowers Guide.