Sunprints have been around for over 100 years. They combine the beauty of nature, the love of texture, and the magic of photography. Not only do they make a distinctive addition to any home, but they also make an easy DIY project that can be done with family or friends. Plus, sunprints are a wonderful way to use your ProFlowers bouquet long after your flowers are past their prime.

How to Make A Sunprint

DIY Sunprint Step 1


Supplies Needed

Picture frame, cyanotype (sunprint) paper, clear acrylic sheet, leaves or flowers of choice, and any other interesting objects you want to sunprint.


DIY Sunprint Step 2


Step 1

Arrange your leaves or flowers on a piece of sunprint paper, but make sure to prepare your prints away from direct sunlight. Sunprint paper is highly sensitive and will start to develop as soon as it is in contact with sunlight.


Step 2

Place the clear acrylic sheet on top of the sunprint to flatten and hold your items in place on the paper. Pressing the acrylic down when making a print of flat or almost-flat objects will help to sharpen the edges and keep a nice contrast of blue and white in your final print.


DIY Sunprint Step 3


Step 3

Take your sunprint outside and place it in direct sunlight for one to five minutes. The areas of the paper exposed to the sun will fade from blue to white. If no direct sunlight is available, don’t worry—just expose your print a little longer, and wait for the same effect.


DIY Sunprint Step 4


Step 4

Rinse your sunprint under a faucet or in a tray of water. Watch as the white turns into blue and the blue turns into white. It is an awesome process to see happen! To get the deepest blue possible, leave the paper in the water for a bit longer.


Step 5

Place your sunprint on a flat surface and allow it to dry.  You can use a paper towel or a piece of cardboard as a bed for your drying sunprint.


DIY Sunprint Finished Product


Once the sunprint is dry, frame your print and hang it on a wall or place in your favorite spot at home. The contrast of blue and white color works with any home style and in most types of frames. Have fun experimenting with different textures and combinations of frames. Finally, make sure to share pictures of your finished sunprints!