Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for children and adults alike, known for its bite-sized candy, carved pumpkins, and scary costumes. As trees transition for wintertime and the temperature continues to drop, daylight is fleeting and we’re forced to spend more time indoors. While some may find all this newfound time inside confining, crafters and DIYers are able to let their imaginations run wild, creating seasonal projects the whole family can enjoy. Recently, ProFlowers teamed up with some of the best craft bloggers around to create a DIY pumpkin vase for some fall season décor. See a few of our favorites below:

DIY Mama Blog

Roses and mums on a table

Due to some technical difficulties in the past, Shelly opted to use a faux white pumpkin this time around. We love the way the festive fall colors contrast off the muted base, don’t you agree? You can find Shelly’s post in full here.


Natalie’s Sentiments

Flowers in a pumpkin vase

Natalie’s pumpkin vase looks great standing tall, front and center on a tripod mount. You can see more details on this arrangement, and a few other ways she styled her creation, by clicking here.


Running 4 Cupcakes

 roses and daisies in a pumpkin vase

Bigger isn’t always better! Case in point: this adorable baby planter Katie of Running 4 Cupcakes put together. See how she did it, plus some behind the scenes looks, by visiting her full post here.


Southern Couture

roses and alstroemeria in a pumpkin vase centerpiece on a table

What’s better: finding a good bargain or making a great looking DIY? Luckily for Bethany she doesn’t have to choose, because she was able to accomplish both! You can see her post in full here to see how she did it.


What Rose Knows

 flowers in a white pumpkin vase

Add a little brown paint, a few stems of dried wheat, and a tiny bale of hay and you can bring your décor from routine to rustic in no time! Rose effortlessly combined all things autumn to create a truly stunning centerpiece. You can find her post in full here to see how it all came together.


All for the Memories

orange roses in white pumpkin vase

With a little creativity and some stunning copper spray paint, Allison was able to turn a plastic dollar store pumpkin from drab to fab in a mere matter of minutes. We love the way her split color design compliments our festive flowers. You can see Allison’s complete post by clicking here.


Making the World Cuter

mums and red roses in a white pumpkin vase

Tiffany effortlessly layers her colors to create what can only be described as an explosion of freshness emanating from her pumpkin vase. Click here to see her full post on how she was able to use just a bit of floral foam to create such a stunning centerpiece.


Ribbons and Glue

Sunflowers and daisies in a coffee can vase

Holly decided to ditch the fruit and instead upcycled an old metal can she had stashed away. A creative paint job and some twine tied in a bow have this DIY project “Fall Approved.” You can see her post in full here.


Kraft & Mint

sunflowers in a white pumpkin vase

Ursula of Kraft & Mint made her pumpkin vase super chic by adorning it in strips of white leather. We love how the bright colors contrast off the blank vase, and the wooden garland adds the perfect subtle touch to the arrangement. You can see her post in full by clicking here


Crafts by Courtney

peach roses in a pumpkin vase

We love the way Courtney was able to pair her fall roses with her pumpkin. The addition of dried wheat and a pastel blue baby pumpkin really seal the deal on this great centerpiece. You can see how Courtney was able to put this all together by visiting her post here.


Warfield Family

orange tulips and decorative bat in carved pumpkin vase

Jessica from Warfield Family was able to keep the traditional candlelight glow with her pumpkin vase while still incorporating our Halloween “Boo-quet.” We can’t wait to see how this spooky creation will look at night! See her post in full here.


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