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Between nature’s bounty and genetic modifications, there is a slew of white flowers available for gardening and giving. On Mother’s Day, white flowers typically are held in honor of mothers who have died. White flowers are also commonly used in religious ceremonies and to celebrate a marriage. Whatever you use them for, white flowers can bring a touch of spring into a room and brighten up a fresh spring garden.

Dendrobium White Orchids

White Dendrobium Orchids

A bouquet of Dendrobium white orchids is one of nature’s beautiful additions that radiate an angelic charm. Orchids are becoming increasingly popular as gardeners learn more about their breeding and care. Once the domain of the rich and fussy, white orchids are readily available through florists such as ProFlowers. They grow in a variety of climates and habitats and usually are ready to pick in the spring, winter and fall. Hydrangeas Hydrangeas grow on large shrubs and can add a bright spot to any garden. When picked, the large floppy flowers fill a vase and add richness to a bouquet. Hydrangeas make for good gifts as potted plants because they prosper well in every season and are easy to maintain. Hydrangeas come in a variety of species that range from tiny, dwarf sizes to shrubs that grow to 10 feet tall.

Easter Lily

White Easter Lilies

As per its name, the Easter lily is a flower used to celebrate the Christian holiday honoring the resurrection of Jesus. It is a trumpet-shaped flower that symbolizes hope and new life. Potted Easter lilies make appropriate gifts for Easter and other springtime occasions. Home gardeners especially enjoy these potted lilies because they can easily be planted outside in the garden, where they’ll bloom over and over each spring. Daisies Daises belong to a family of flowers that encompass a wide range of different colors and sizes. Daises are happy flowers that can liven up a sick room or cheer up a friend down on her luck. The most popular daises are called ox-eye daises and can grow to 2 feet tall. They have white petals that surround a yellow center. They are proliferative and a good choice for gift givers on a budget.

Tea Olives

Lily of the Valley Bulb Garden

Tea olives are sweet-smelling buds that grow on bushes and make a wonderful addition to a garden that sits just outside a window. Give a potted tea olive plant to an avid gardener who can make the most out of the flowers by re-planting the bush outdoors. The green leaves on the tea olive bush resemble holly leaves, and the bush can grow as high as 30 feet. Tea olive bushes also respond well to trimming and make good hedges.