Pink flower

Flowers come in all shades of pink and in many different forms. Pink roses, lilies and carnations are widely popular, while pink azaleas, hydrangeas and rhododendrons bloom in yards around the country. Still other pink flowers are found on ground covers like the creeping phlox. Pink flowers stand out when in a wild, spring bouquet or sitting alone in a corner bud vase. Orchids As more people have become interested in growing orchids, they no longer are strictly resigned to the hobbyist who can spend hours on their care. According to the Texas Cooperative Extension Center, two types of orchids come in pink hues, the phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, and the cymbidium. They are relatively easy to care for and typically thrive in low light in rooms that maintain a 50- to 80-percent humidity. ProFlowers sells a miniature pink orchid planted in a pink teacup, an ideal gift for the pink-lover in your life. Roses Gardeners have worked with roses for years to develop various hybrids that grow with consistent color. For example, the pink rose developed by master gardener David Austin is called the Belle Story. The rose has 35 petals and puts off a sweet cinnamon and clove scent. ProFlowers offers a bouquet of pink South American long-stemmed roses. Lilies Trumpet lilies can grow as high as 4 to 8 feet tall. One of the pink varieties of Asiatic lilies is called First Love and has soft pink petals with an apricot-colored stem. Lilies make outstanding garden additions and work well as cut flowers in long-stemmed vases. Oriental pink lilies are an integral part of the Thinking of You bouquet from ProFlowers. Lilies are perennial plants, and the bulbs will bloom year after year if you make sure to leave one-half to one-third of the stem in place when cutting to provide fodder for the next round of flowers. Hydrangeas Hydrangeas are popular as bushes to decorate yards. They also make superb bouquets when placed in a large vase. The Everlasting Love Wreath at ProFlowers incorporates deep pink hydrangeas that mix well with the red flowers. The blossoms on hydrangeas turn pink when the soil is alkaline. Adding lime to the soil can turn the hydrangeas pink instead of the blue that occurs in more acidic soil. The flowers are most prolific in the South where the large round flowers bloom throughout May and June. They must be pruned to continue to flourish each year.