Decorating your home with non-traditional Christmas colors is becoming more popular as tastes & generations evolve and grow. Rose red and shamrock green just don’t cut it anymore. Whether it’s the sprinkles on the Christmas cookies, the branches on the Christmas tree, the lights strung outside or the candles/centerpieces glowing inside, Christmas decorating has come a long way. If you’re looking to stay with the trends, it’s time to choose new colors… ones that aren’t associated with Christmas.

The Christmas tree itself is an iconic holiday image, yet changing your tree decorations – or even the tree itself – is a good place to start. For example, exchange the usual green Evergreen for a classic aluminum tree, or a faux tree in white, midnight blue or creme. If you’d rather keep your tree green, then squeeze some sophistication in by changing the ornament colors. Surpass the classic Popsicle-stick-reindeers from the kids, avoid the strings of popcorn, and pass on the porcelain Precious Moments collection you’ve had for 20 years. Instead, hang funky shaped new ornaments like elongated bells in purple and gold, copper stars with blue accents, & distinctive snowflake shapes in a metallic green. Using silver & gold embellishments in particular lends a more rustic Christmas d?cor.

Another hot trend is to go all-out pink! As Breast Cancer Awareness (and the disease’s increasing power over women) has risen sharply over the decade, homes everywhere now “go pink,” from the lights to the star on the tree, to the wrapping paper & ornaments. Yes, it may look different at first, but the continuous use of traditional items like the presents and tree (which you deck out with lace, ribbon and white beads) keep it seasonal. Add gorgeous pink Poinsettias and several arrangements of pink Christmas flowers delivered the same day for Christmas centerpieces and spotted around other rooms.

Many couture & art-deco fans go for an even more extreme futuristic look; they use only white, black & metallic hues. Another unique color scheme to try: creamy white and gold. It’s elegant, simple and classy: period. Using nature is yet another way to go non-traditional. Glue a couple branches around a mirror frame for a cold, wintry standing ornament. Instead of traditional Christmas wreaths, frame your doors & windows with silver or gold garlands.

Another fun way to shake the doldrum decor up is to buy plastic snowflakes and decorate them with multi-colored rhinestones or beads – then hang them from curtain rods in the windows for a twinkling nighttime display! Or for an intriguing “candelier,” put votives into rose bowls and hang mini-craft mirrors for extra sparkle! Then, use larger mirrors on tables for dinner plates. Speaking of table d?cor, try taking some silk flowers and gluing them to boutonniere holders; the result is a flowery festive napkin ring!

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red and green. Elements of black and white, silver and blue, pink, purple, or red and lime green create a modern chic look in any home. Using black and silver ornaments, ribbons, and beads on a white tree is a rising trend right now as are Christmas wreaths. Choose your dream floral arrangement or several, and they’ll be in your home in no time, spreading the cheer of the season.

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