Do you want to transform your home into a Christmas paradise? Looking to trim a traditional homestead into an ideal spot for your Christmas spread? Have you thought to use colorful Christmas flowers and plants as holiday decorations? If not, you’ll love how they complement your current holiday decor! Contemporary holiday decorating techniques call for using flowers and plants in tandem with your traditional decorations to create coordinated color schemes for different rooms of the house.

The “Trio of Holiday Bulbs” is a great way to start a white and red room. Planted in bold red ceramic pots, the separate bulb gardens feature white hyacinth, red tulips and white Star of Bethlehem. You may opt to put all three together and consider it a red room, or you may spread them out, using the white hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem in the dining room atop a white tablecloth and multi-colored table runner. Display a reddish centerpiece that will really stand out (for example, one with tall thin red candles), and finish the room off with floating white candles in sparkly star shapes. Perhaps the most popular of all Christmas decorations is the celebrated Christmas Poinsettia plant. A staple of the season, the Poinsettia could also be the main focus of your red or white (or red and white) room. If you like the concept, buy small and large Christmas Poinsettias to place on tabletops, mantles, end tables, etc. Mix it up by displaying two or three pink or white Poinsettias as well. Finish the room off with bud vases containing single-stemmed red or pink rose with white baby’s breath and green Bear Grass. Christmas lights may be used to accent, but don’t overdo it!

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If you’re an orchid lover, white orchids lend a sense of angelic innocence to any room with white, untainted petals. One of the classiest Christmas decorating ideas, display one large orchid arrangement as the room’s centerpiece, or buy several single-stemmed orchids (12″ – 15″ tall) to place in different spots; surround the vase(s) with silvery white garland; add twinkling lights for color. Finish by placing pine branches (with glittery white or silver gloss) or fresh Eucalyptus leaves around flower base.

Finally, the green room… If you’re one for tradition and still put up a live Christmas tree, it makes sense for the green room to be where your Christmas tree is. If there’s a mantle, cover it with pine twigs, holly, a few mini-pinecones, a mini-Christmas tree, lights and a big, beautiful Christmas wreath over the fireplace.

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Though these holiday decorating ideas are more modern, they lend that traditional “comfy” feel to your home. These decorating ideas can bring your home to life as all winter flowers & plants will look spectacular in any decorating scheme. always delivers fresh plants and same-day Christmas flowers; thus they’re perfect for adorning your dwelling!