Valentine’s Day 2021 may look a little (or a lot) different than those of Valentine’s Days past, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special or romantic! While some restaurants still have in-person dining options, the limitations of the Covid pandemic can make it even harder to get that sought-after Valentine’s Day dinner reservations than ever before.  Not to worry! While some may see limitations, there is actually the opportunity to create your own unique magic this Valentine’s Day. Here is your chance to be more creative and thoughtful when it comes to Valentine’s Day activities and gifts to make this February 14th the most memorable one yet!

What to do on Valentine’s Day During Covid?

Are you stumped trying to think of what to do on Valentine’s Day during Covid when so many things are closed or restricted? There are still a plethora of fun, interactive and romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas that Covid can’t touch! In fact, you may win some extra originality points for your creativity (we won’t tell where you got your date night ideas!) Check out some of these fun things to do with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day that doesn’t even require you to leave the house:

Prepare your own meal

Who says you need to go to a fancy restaurant to have a gourmet meal for your Valentine’s Day date? Look up new and tasty dishes online that you’d like to prepare. There are so many recipes and tutorials online that make it possible to prepare meals that aren’t on your usual daily menu. You and your sweetheart can peruse different recipes and choose what you’d like to make. Go grocery shopping together to pick out the ingredients for your special Valentine’s date night and add any extras that jump out at you while shopping.

Do a cooking challenge

Bring even more excitement to your dinner date preparation by doing a little cooking challenge between you and your Valentine. Each of you gets to prepare your own dishes and then be the judge of the other’s. Spice things up a bit more by assigning romantic prizes to the winner of each dish. This is a fun way to add laughter and some friendly competition to your Valentine’s Day dinner date.

Order takeout

If cooking a fancy meal is too far out of your wheelhouse, or you’d just rather relax than cook, then support a local business instead. Order all of your favorite dishes from a local establishment, enjoy a glass of wine with your honey, and wait for your meal to arrive. Don’t forget to tip the delivery person!

Bake together

Baking a sweet treat for after dinner can be a lot easier than making a fancy dinner. Find a simple recipe online or in your favorite cookbook for a dessert you’d like to make together. Even melting some chocolate chips in a bowl and dipping fresh fruit in it can be delicious and romantic. Or simply have dessert delivered! You don’t have to leave the house or do any work to have juicy, Belgian chocolate-covered strawberries, Field’s cookies and brownie bites, or gourmet chocolates delivered in time for your Valentine’s Day date night. Order online from ProFlowers ahead of time and have dessert show up at your doorstep.

Have a couple’s massage

You don’t need to go to a spa or invite a masseuse to your house to have a couple’s massage. Go shopping ahead of time and get a collection of your favorite scented skin scrubs, body lotions and oils. Take turns giving each other a massage,use the body scrubs inside a steamy shower to clean off, and see where the night takes you. Just how steamy you want it, is up to you!

Create new cocktails together

Turn your living room or kitchen into your very own speakeasy! Experiment with your skills as a mixologist and learn to create your favorite cocktails or whip up new concoctions! There are tons of recipes and mixology tutorials online to guide you through your cocktail experimentation. You and your Valentine can even come up with sexy cocktail names like “Cupid’s Vaccine” or “Sex in the Shower.”

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas During Covid?

If you don’t want dinner to be the main attraction (or the only attraction) for your Valentine’s Day date night, there are plenty of creative and romantic, Covid-friendly date night ideas to make your Valentine’s Day date night memorable, even while social-distancing. Check out some of these unique, at-home Valentine’s Day date night ideas:

Take a virtual tour

Covid and social distancing rules may have made it more difficult to visit your favorite venues, but it’s also opened up some really amazing experiences that you can take part in for a virtual date night. Search online for virtual tours of museums, opera houses, art galleries, and even foreign cities. In an effort to keep the world together while we’re stuck at home, many venues have made online tickets available for virtual tours and experiences that include everything from famous haunted house tours, museum exhibits, dance and musical performances, to different city tours. How incredible is it that the internet has allowed us to “travel” the world and experience things that we otherwise would never get to see? Spend your Valentine’s Day date night “traveling” the world and broadening your cultural experiences right from your couch without the huge price tag.

Creative crafting

Just like museums, tour groups, and some major cities are offering virtual tours, a lot of local businesses that do on-site crafting like painting or woodwork and sign-making have also joined the virtual experience world. Find a local craft-making business that offers take-home crafting or painting kits. Many of these businesses offer customers the ability choose their craft and pay online with curbside pickup of all the materials that you’ll need, along with crafting instructions or virtual class options to create the pieces at home. This not only offers you a fun activity for your Valentine’s Day date night, but you’re also supporting local businesses. Plus, at the end of the night you and your honey will have an original piece of art to commemorate this Valentine’s Day.

Outdoor activities

Throughout Covid restrictions, the one thing that has remained open is the great outdoors. You and your sweetheart can spend your Valentine’s Day date on a romantic hike or a bike ride on your favorite trail, ice skating at an outdoor rink, or taking a romantic stroll on the beach, depending on the climate in which you live. Spending time together while focusing on staying healthy and enjoying nature is always sexy.

Outdoor Firepit

If you’re looking for a cozier, more relaxing type of date night, an outdoor fire pit is always an enjoyable option. It offers a lot of the fun associated with camping, without actually having to sleep outdoors. Light up the fire pit, grab some marshmallows and a bottle of wine, and cuddle up under a blanket around the fire together. It’s a perfect excuse to get as close together as possible. This idea also works if you have an indoor fireplace!

Game night

For those that like to laugh and keep it light, game night is always a hit for an amusing date night in. Break out your favorite board games or a deck of cards and challenge each other to match wits with your favorite games. You can even mix it up by including some of your coupled-up friends in a virtual game night competition via Zoom or FaceTime.

Make a scrapbook

Take the time to reflect on your relationship by looking at old pictures, movie tickets, concert tickets, or any mementos of your relationship. Create a scrapbook of your favorite past memories and talk about places you’d like to go or things you’d like to do in the future. You can scrapbook the old fashioned way by cutting and pasting into a book, or do it virtually. There are a lot of options to make scrapbooks online that allow you to design your own scrapbook with uploaded photos, captions, and art that can be ordered as a printed completed project.

Covid Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Covid isn’t going to stand in the way of your Valentine’s Day romance! No matter what activities you choose for your Valentine’s Day date night, don’t forget a Valentine’s Day gift to remind your sweetheart how much you care. Send a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers to your love’s home or office before you get together, or display a stunning flower arrangement as the centerpiece of your romantic dinner. A gourmet food basket filled with meats, cheeses, crackers and spreads is a deliciously unique Valentine’s Day gift that your sweetheart is sure to love. Enjoy these tasty treats together with your favorite bottle of wine before dinner. Don’t forget to end the night with something sweet and decadent. Make your Valentine melt with a mouthwatering gift of chocolate-covered strawberries or a gift basket of gourmet chocolates. ProFlowers offers an abundance of online Valentine’s Day gifts available as the ideal accent to your special date night. Order early to ensure delivery by February 14th!