Do you wonder when you’ll have a kitchen as perfectly styled as the ones you pin to your “dream home” Pinterest board? Would you believe us if we told you, you can have it now? It’s true! Try these few simple style tips and your kitchen will look like a page out of Martha Stewart Living. Plus, find out what Moms would love for their kitchen counter space too (Mother’s Day is coming up…hint, hint).


Style: chef’s choice

Flower Arrangement On Kitchen Counter

Every good home cook needs easily accessible seasonings and a deluxe knife set resting on their counters. To add some pop to any kitchen color palette, adorn your countertops with a vibrant bouquet.

Tip: Choose seasonings and oils that come in unique and beautiful bottles and containers and place them on a Lazy Susan atop your counter. Or buy pretty little containers for your spices, and set them out on display.

Hint: Monet’s Garden is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the Mom who deserves her own Food Network show.


Style: baker’s delight

Floral Arrangement with A Baking Theme

A stand mixer is a must for the ultimate baker (or the not so ultimate baker, so, pretty much everyone). These things come in every color imaginable and make, not only cakes, but also great décor for your countertop. A rustic, Euro-inspired bouquet is the perfect accent for the baker’s counter space too.

Tip: Pretty and unique measuring cups make baking more fun, and make your countertops totally Insta-worthy mid baking session.

Hint: Gorgeous Garden makes a sweet surprise for the Mom who always sells out at the local bake sale.



Style: coffee crazed

Coffee Inspired Kitchen Counter With Floral Arrangement

Mmm, hot steaming caffeine perfection…right, coffee connoisseurs? Make your countertops ready for guests at a moment’s notice by setting out a tray of sleek and modern coffee mugs, a French press and bold blooms in a mason jar. Who doesn’t love mason jars these days?

Tip: We love the idea of putting coffee grinds, sugar and cream in stylish containers that match your mugs for a cohesive look. You can also get mismatched containers for an eclectic, fun look.

Hint: Bountiful Blooms bouquet sets the scene for a good chat with Mom over a hot cup of coffee.

You may have a bunch of randomness sitting atop your counter—a toaster, the milk you left out—but there are ways to make it so much more interesting. Candles, seasonal flowers, plants in fun pots, colorful potholders and cool kitchen equipment are all worthy of being put on display. And don’t forget to spoil the Moms with a little counter love as Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s see what you’ve got—Instagram your super chic counter with #ProFlowers.