When someone walks into your living room, what is the first thing they notice? If you don’t have a statement piece like a colorful painting or a rug with a bright pop of color, we recommend making your coffee table the center of attention!

It is easy to take your coffee table decor from classy to cluttered. To keep you from going overboard, we came up with helpful tips and styled four different looks for you to pull inspiration from. The best part is that you likely have many of these elements lying around your house!

  1. Add flowers for a pop of color – We may be biased but a beautiful floral arrangement enhances the environment which can help make your living room welcoming. These stargazer lilies suit a bright and preppy vibe perfectly!
  2. Combine different candles – While fresh lilies will add plenty of fragrance, candles can boost the aroma of a room. Our favorite candles also double as a pretty decorative element.
  3. Choose a contrasting tray – Since the table we were working with was rectangular, we loved the idea of a round tray to offset all the angles.  Mirrored surfaces are also great for providing the illusion of space and color.
  4. Mix in colorful bowls – Using cute decorative bowls to clear up clutter or display cute candies will help clean up and organize your space. They also add a fun pattern to a pretty tray.
  5. Use books to create levels – If you collect any decor, high fashion or art magazines, your coffee table is a great way to display them. Layout books or magazines that your guests will want to comb through.

  1. Show off your shell collection – Whether you live near the ocean or just love the beach, a coastal theme wouldn’t be complete without shells. Mixing and matching different shapes and sizes will make your collection even more intriguing.
  2. Decorate with driftwood – The dramatic shape of driftwood will add flare to your beachy style. You can also use it to highlight any other elements you add to your table.
  3. Line your table with fabric – You may not think of using a table runner or fabric on your coffee table, but it’s a great way to add color and texture. It can also help hide any unsightly stains or marks.

  1. Use geometric shapes – Adding an interesting shape is a great way to balance your table. If you have a tall arrangement, like the beautiful orchids in this look, or candle on one side, you will want to add some height to the other.
  2. Generate positivity with crystals – Crystals are all the rage right now. Not only are they said to bring in good energy, they also have rich color and sparkle! Their complex shape and texture will take your table to the next level.
  3. Go high and low with candles – If you would rather not blend the scent of a candle with the fresh smell of your bouquet, use pillar candles. You can also create a stylish contrast with taller pillar candles and tiny votives.
  4. Take your coaster game up a notch – We used a range of decorative coaster throughout each of our coffee table looks. These marble coaster are extra elegant and will bring your table up a notch with or without a fancy glass of wine.
  5. Try air plants or succulents – If you are worried about maintaining an arrangement, try air plants or succulents. They will add a pop of green to your decor and require very little care. Simply mist them on occasion and keep them out of direct sunlight.

  1. Revamp an old lantern – If you are trying to achieve a rustic look, add a lantern to your table. We filled ours with a candle, but it’s so cute it could stand on its own too!
  2. Dust off your leather-bound books – Leather-bound books have such an old-school class about them. They also fit nicely in a rustic home. Fill yours with photos or memories for your guests to glance through.
  3. Display a patterned vase – We are very into the classic blue and white pattern that is everywhere in decor these days. It adds brightness to this earthy color palette and also bring a touch of elegance to the table.
  4. Combine textures with wicker – This oval wicker tray is the perfect complement to a rustic coffee table. Not only will it help keep your table tidy, it also adds nice color and texture.

Now that you know all the fun additions that can be added to your coffee table, be sure to include our personal favorite, a beautiful bouquet! If you are busy and have no time to run to the store for some fresh flowers, we have you covered. Just click, pick and we will have it shipped to your door.