Christmas time is almost here and it is finally time to get out all of your holiday decor! The first step to making your home look festive is the perfect Christmas tree. We have a few simple tips to help you keep your tree looking beautiful and fresh until the 25th.

If you prefer a Christmas table centerpiece or one that won’t leave too many pine needles around your living room, try a smaller Christmas tree!  You can keep the rootball intact and plant it once Christmas has passed. Then you can enjoy your Christmas tree for many years to come!

Christmas trees vary widely in shape, color, type of pine needles, and a number of other factors. Selecting which tree you like best is a personal preference, but ask the grower about care and harvesting of their particular tree for more information when making your decision. They can also give you insight into how healthy the tree is and how long it will last.

Step 1: Pick the tree varietal that suits your needs.

With proper care, a freshly cut tree can last about a month. Fir, spruce and cypress trees generally hold their needles the longest so if you like to get in the holiday spirit early, we recommend choosing from those three!

Step 2: Determine whether the tree is healthy.

An easy way to quickly check is to take a branch and gently pull it towards you. If lots of pine needles fall off, it is likely drying out and won’t survive the entire holiday season.

Step 3: Check the color and examine the area around the tree.

If there is a lot of brown or a pile of needles around the tree you should select another tree.

Now that you have chosen the perfect Christmas tree, you want to get it home safely and set it appropriately so it can stay healthy through the entire holiday season.

Step 1: Don’t let the tree dry out before you make it home.

Once you have chosen your tree, keep it damp on the car ride home my wrapping the base in a wet towel. If your ride is short this isn’t necessary.

Step 2: Saw off a few inches from the base of the tree.

This helps if any sap has oozed out and covered the pores.This helps ensure that the tree can absorb moisture effectively.

Step 3: Place the tree in a fitting tree stand.

Be sure to select a tree stand that can hold enough water for your tree and fits around the trunk with room to spare. Do not whittle away any of the exterior tree bark to make it fit. That is the most absorbent part of the trunk.

Step 4: Decorate your tree!

Keep child and pet safety in mind when decorating your tree and hang delicate or toxic ornaments out of their reach. We recommend LED lights which can be more expensive but they are flame proof and produce less heat.

Christmas trees need more water than you may expect. Remember to check water levels frequently to prevent your tree from drying out. These trees are naturally found in very cool, damp climates. To maximize the amount of time your tree stays healthy, try to replicate this environment.

Step 1: When you bring your tree home, be sure to put it in water immediately.

Once cut, trees can lose moisture quickly. If the bottom of the tree dries out it could mean a shorter lifespan for your Christmas centerpiece.

Step 2: Be sure to check water levels in your tree stand frequently!

During the first week or so, the tree can absorb a gallon or more of water per day. Do not let the water level in your tree stand dip below the base of the tree. Many stands have a gap between the bottom of the tree trunk and the bottom of the base itself. Make sure this gap is always filled with water.

Step 3: Keep the tree out of direct sunlight and away from any vents or heaters.

This will also help to prolong its life cycle and prevent it from drying out prematurely. Making sure there is moisture in the air will also help prevent the needles from falling.

Recycle your Christmas tree! Many communities offer a tree recycling service. Contact your local lawn waste collection service to find out more information.

We hope you enjoy your holiday centerpiece all season long with these simple tips! Check our Christmas decoration ideas to help create a cohesive look from your Christmas tree to your table setting.