Turning a bland space into a winter wonderland doesn’t have to require emptying your bank account. If you seek to throw a winter-time party, wedding or gathering that reflects the beauties of the season, integrate an assortment of affordable decorations into the plan. By combining these inexpensive decorations with other decorations, such as blue and white flowers from a vendor like ProFlowers, you can produce a space that effectively reflects your planned theme.

Cut Snowflakes

Turn your space into a snow-filled winter wonderland with just some paper and scissors. Fold your paper and cut along the folded lines, making snips here and there in the shapes of triangles, rectangles and circles. Unfold your paper and behold your own intricate snowflake. Create an array of these beauties and hang them from the ceiling using transparent thread. To make them sturdier, laminate the finished products before hanging them.

Window Murals

If the outside isn’t quite the winter wonderland you’d hoped for, create the illusion that it is by crafting window murals. Cover your windows in white butcher paper, and use markers or paint to craft winter wonderland scenes. Create images to resemble rolling, snow-covered hills or trees with a dusting of snow resting on their branches. As guests glance about the space, they will naturally be drawn to these window Christmas decorations and feel as if they are really in a winter wonderland space.

Blue and White Paper Linens

Blue and whites give the feeling of a cold and snow-covered environment. Cover your surfaces with paper party table clothes and napkins in chilly light blues and white to make your room feel like a snow-filled escape. Use an assortment of different pale blue hues to add excitement to the space.

Sparkle Lights

Craft the illusion of sunlight playing across reflective snow by adding sparkle lights to your setup. Rim the room in inexpensive and petite Christmas lights. To make them more attractive, use white or pale blue tulle to create a garland of sorts to accompany them.

Painted Trees

Turn artificial trees into winter landscape additions with just a little paint. Purchase fake evergreens, or a miniature Christmas tree to use for this purpose. Using white and silver spray paint, dust the tips with these light hues, making it look like the trees are sporting a layer of snow. Scatter them around your space, or place them together to create a snow-covered forest.  These decoration ideas are perfect to display around your personalized Christmas stockings.