The warm summer months are among us, and one of our favorite holidays is almost here—National Ice Cream Day is July 20! Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand—how many summertime memories do you have that include ice cream? Remember chasing after the ice cream truck with the neighborhood kids? Stopping at an ice cream shop after a long day at the beach or pool? Making root beer floats to enjoy outside after a good old-fashioned summer bbq?

You probably have a favorite ice cream shop, and tend to gravitate toward your usual flavors. However, in honor of this magnificent national holiday, we suggest trying something a little different.

We found this incredible gelateria in New York City near Union Square, Amorino, which we recommend for several reasons. Ice cream and flowers are our two favorite things…so why not combine them for a perfectly blissful, and pretty, dessert?

National Ice Cream Day

Not only does Amorino make traditional Italian ice cream (gelato), which is richer, creamier and tastier than your every day ice cream, but they also present the ice cream in the shape of a beautiful, intricate flower sitting delicately atop your cone! Check out this video to see how they do it:

Another exciting way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day is to gather friends, family and the kids and make your own ice cream at home. For a fun twist, add flowers to the ice cream (make sure they can be eaten) for a sophisticated, light, fresh and delightfully flowery taste. Here is a recipe for lavender rose ice cream that we found to be divine, and worth a try on this very special holiday.

It is a rare occurrence to come across someone who doesn’t love ice cream. With all the various flavors and textures, there is pretty much something to cater to everyone’s taste. What better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day than by indulging in this cool, creamy and sweet treat? Enjoy! We know we will…