Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells are a bell flower that is known for its large, showy flower heads that take a cup and saucer shape. Our Canterbury Bells are sent in bud form, so each time one of these unique flower heads blooms you can enjoy watching it unfold.

To enjoy your plant, follow the instructions below to ensure you don’t bruise or harm it while unpacking it. In addition, follow these directions, as well as the one provided in the box, for a beautiful and bountiful Canterbury Bells flowering plant.

1) Carefully remove the plastic sleeve and/or wax paper from around plant.

2) Completely (and immediately) remove the moss or paper shred covering the top of the soil and discard.

3) Put your Canterbury Bells on a regular water schedule. Do not allow it to dry out. If soil feels dry to the touch, the plant needs more water.

4) Fertilize the plant with an all-purpose flowering plant food. Make sure to follow the directions on the label of the plant food.

5) This flowering plant likes full to partial sun daily. It also prefers to live in temperatures of 60-70°F.

6) You will notice the flowers on this perennial plant will begin to bloom from summer through early fall.

7) Repot your plant when roots get too tight or when the growing plants get too thick, making them compete for space. To repot, remove the plants from the container, loosen the old potting soil and tangled roots and replant in a slightly larger pot with extra space for mulch and water. Lightly fertilize when done with the replanting.

Note: Canterbury Bells make great outdoor plants. Make sure it lives in an area with full to partial sun and it is planted in the spring when the danger of the last frost has passed.