CampanulaA unique flower that is shaped like a bell, the campanula will honor your senses of sight and smell with its beauty and aroma. Also known as the bellflower, the campanula is grown in rich soil in many different climates. The bellflower is most enjoyable when it’s delivered right before the blooms open so the recipient can watch the magic of the bellflower blossoming.

When you receive your campanula, you may notice your flowers looking slightly wilted and thirsty. This is because they need to drink water for 8-12 hours to perk up. By heeding the instructions below your campanula will blossom beautifully and bountifully and should last about a week.

1) With care, remove any protective plastic wrapped around your bouquet. You don’t want to damage the flower heads by treating them roughly when preparing them for your vase.

2) Following the removal of the plastic wrap, cut 1 inch off the bottom of the flower stems. Always cut them at an angle and under water. This helps to open up the pores of the flower and eliminate any air bubbles, allowing them to drink water better

3) Strip any excess foliage off the stems that will sit in the water. If it is not removed, this excess foliage can muddy the water or can suck up too much, taking water the actual blossoms are trying to drink.

4) Flowers should be kept in a vase that is filled with a mixture of room temperature water and 1 packet of flower food. You may have received flower food with the bouquet, but if not you should be able to get some from your local florist.

5) 3 days after they have been put in a vase, or when the water is cloudy, re-cut the stems, change the water and add the second packet of provided flower food. When the water changes colors, this indicates bacteria has formed, causing the flowers to wilt faster.

6) Do away with dead flower heads and leaves to keep bouquets fresher longer.

7) Lastly, always keep your campanula away from any kind of direct sunlight, heat and/or drafts. Store them in a room that has a cool temperature.