ProFlowers has prepared the best bulb gardens for you to take pleasure in caring for yourself. From tulips to begonias and daffodils to dahlias, you have the opportunity to grow your own fresh plants and watch them mature from little sprouts to big, beautiful blooms.

To be able to fully enjoy your bulb plants, follow the instructions below to ensure you don’t harm any of the bulbs while unpacking them. In addition, follow these directions, as well as the one provided in the box, for long lasting, growing plants that can potentially grow for months or years if properly cared for.

1) Carefully remove the moss or paper shred covering the top of the soil and discard.

2) If soil feels dry to the touch upon arrival, water your bulb plant well. Soil should always be moist to the touch, but never letting it become wet or saturated. Too much water can soggy the bulbs. We recommend removing the pot from the decorative container and placing them in a sink or bowl or water for 30 minutes. Doing this permits them to soak up the amount of water they desire.

3) Bulbs should not need a fertilizer, as they contain all the nutrients they need for the first bloom. If moving the plants from the pot to outdoors, apply a slow release bulb or flower fertilizer in the spring.

4) Allow the bulbs to bathe in bright partial to full sun light. Keep them in a location with a cool temperature of 40-60°F.

5) Blooms will show up in 2-4 weeks. However, the flowers and plants will not re-bloom indoors. Trying to force them to do so will deplete their energy, causing them to have a harder time re-blooming outdoors. It could take a couple years for bulbs to re-bloom if planted outside.

6) If you are wanting to plant them outdoors, most prefer to be in a sunny location with the exception of Lily of the Valley (which prefers shade) and Amaryllis (which prefers indoors). Make sure to plant them outdoors when all danger of frost has passed.

7) Growth height varies by the species of the bulbs, but here are a few growth height approximations.

  • Lily of the Valley – 5-9” Tall
  • Small Tulip Bulbs – 4-6” Tall
  • Assorted Jonquils – 6-15” Tall
  • Amaryllis – 10-151” Tall
  • Hyacinth – 6-8” Tall
  • Paperwhites – 15” Tall

Bulbs are shipped with sprouts appearing just above the soil line. Bloom time range is 4-6 weeks on average.

Note: Bulbs may arrive frozen. If so, allow them to thaw overnight and then water them well. Also, some plants may be toxic when ingested by humans or animals.