There is no other place in the world as rich in adventure and unique experiences like the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. To experience the Amazon rainforest is to experience a lifetime of breathtaking moments in one single trip.

The amount of things to see and do is so outrageous it can seem overwhelming when creating your bucket list. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed it down to five must-see places that are truly spectacular.

Adventure Through the “Lungs of the World”

Escape to Amazon

The Amazon rainforest produces enough oxygen for the entire planet, which gives it its aptly named “lungs of the world” moniker. Plentiful eco-tourism operators and trip organizers exist in the area to suit every type of traveler—from the wanderlust explorer to the luxurious jet setter who travels in style. Whatever type of journey suits your fancy, the region is a wonderland of infinite options.

Try some jungle trekking, alligator spotting, survival courses, sport fishing and sunrise tours. Be captivated by the grandeur of the region, replete with countless varieties of plant and animal life and home to indigenous tribes and other cultures. If you’re feeling like a walk on the wild side, learn medicinal secrets of endangered and often extinct tribes, snuggle a sloth, zip line through the jungle canopy, watch monkeys swing through the magnificent trees, or just fall asleep under the stars while listening to the hum of nature’s biggest symphony.


See the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Gardens

Exotic Orchid

The Adolpho Ducke Botanical Gardens is the world’s largest botanical garden with a staggering amount of plant and animal species. The massive garden features a variety of scenic trails that take you on a winding trek through vines, massive trees, and the region’s effervescent plant life full of exotic orchid gardens, bromeliad nurseries and even native mushrooms.


Stay in the City of Manaus

City of Manaus

Manaus, the historic capital city of Amazonas, is in the heart of the Amazon and serves as a central hub for the area. Dubbed the “Paris of the Jungle,” the tourist-friendly city is rich in wealth and features a plethora of attractions, hotels and local markets. Nature lovers will find endless activities to keep their attention — forest treks, fishing, canoeing through giant water lilies, and playtime on Ponta Negra Beach. For those in search of a break from nature, the city boosts a vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants, historic picturesque architecture, and some of the best coffee anywhere (of course).


Explore the Rivers of the Rainforest

Rivers of the Rainforest

From the largest in the world to the most unusual, the Amazon’s rivers are unlike any other on earth; the most famous of course being the Amazon River, which flows over 4,000 miles and is 120 miles wide at its broadest. Take a cruise down the river and you may just see the rare pink dolphin exclusive to the area! Just a short skip from Manaus is an unusual river that you must see to believe—“The Meeting of the Two Waters.” This is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that occurs when dark waters of the Rio Negro River and clay waters of Rio Solimoes River meet and converge but never actually mix.

Taking in the sites, the native garden plants, and the beauty of the Amazon in Brazil is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. If you are lucky enough to have been to Brazil, share your list of favorite places to see and things everyone must do!