The dreary days of winter are finally behind us, and at long last, it’s the season of freshness, fun and (our favorite thing ever) color! That’s right…spring is here, and with it comes plenty of excuses to get friends and family together for the most important meal of the day–brunch, of course.

Here’s your guide for hosting the most fabulous spring brunch, complete with ideas for drinks, eats and ultra-chic table décor.


Delicious Easter Mimosas

Mimosas are classic and delicious, no doubt about it. But why not turn up the volume on your typical spring brunch cocktail? Try a menning mimosa, which includes:

• 6 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice

• 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

• 2 tablespoons orange flavored liqueur, such as Grand Marnier

• Prosecco, chilled

• Fresh mint leaf

Or wow your guests with something unique and refreshing, like a blood-orange champagne cocktail—which is a citrusy sweet mix of equal parts blood-orange juice and champagne.



Easter Brunch Treats & Sweets

Coming up with a good brunch menu is essential to a successful party. Choose items that are delicious and simple to make. We suggest you provide a variety of options for your guests, and make a majority of the meal ahead of time. Here’s a scrumptious menu to get you started:

For a little sweet: almond cinnamon buns, traditional blueberry pancakes and a fresh fruit salad. Cut up all your favorite fruits into a large bowl and sprinkle a little orange juice and powdered ginger over them for some extra zip.

For a little savory: pesto ricotta pie, maple pork sausage and a frittata with potato, bacon and cheese. To put more “lunch” in your brunch, prepare a fresh garden salad with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette and some freshly baked croissants for ham and cheese sandwiches.

Use beautiful serving platters for each dish and place them on a buffet table, so guests can pick and choose which they would like to try.



Easter Brunch Decoration

Making parties beautiful is our favorite part of the whole show (or brunch). Finishing touches and details are what will make your brunch really memorable. We are all about color this season, which should be the theme of any good spring party.

Easter Brunch Floral Table Decorations

We used fresh, crisp whites with pops of neon in surprising places, like the rim of the plates. Fresh flowers on the table are an absolute must, and we recommend finding the most colorful spring bouquet you can, or delightful plants in our new line of colorful floral-print containers. Don’t be afraid to put out more than one arrangement too—three is a good number, for any table size.

Spring Flowers & Easter Decorations

Use a pretty cake stand on which to place one of your bouquets or plants, to give it height and dimension on the table. Fun finishes like gold spray-painted Easter eggs or eggs decorated with neon, patterned washi tape is another way to add the pop to your table.

Offer some specialty sodas in trendy glass bottles with pretty straws, which you can pick up at any party supply store.

Everyone loves a good brunch, and with these helpful tips, your spring or Easter brunch will be a big hit. Make the most of this joyful time of year and gather friends and family for some seasonal delights. Don’t forget to share your beautiful brunch pics on Instagram and tag us with @proflowers so we can see too!