Check iPhone, check Facebook, check emails, pick up the kids, check tablet, check laptop, check calendar… in today’s world, life comes at us in so many different mediums. We’ve become masters at multitasking – wearing many different hats and constantly balancing our family lives, our social lives, our work lives, and everything else in between.

At ProFlowers, we understand how Sure, it’s easy it is to get caught up in the whirlwind of life. To help combat the chaos, we gave a few of our favorite bloggers a chance to pick out a bonsai tree – a Japanese plant which symbolizes peace and balance – in hopes of bringing a little Zen back into their busy lives. In exchange, they shared their favorite ways to relax and unwind:

My Fashion Juice

money tree grove

Cris of My Fashion Juice picked out the Braided Money Tree Grove from our Bonsai collection. This tree symbolizes good luck and fortune. She found that the presence of nature within her home helped her find Zen., as she states,  “Eevery morning, I look forward to waking up and opening up the window blinds and curtains to let the sunlight in for our money tree,”she said. It has become a moment of peace for me each day, before all the hustle and bustle begins.” To learnfind out more about Cris (and how to make that adorable DIY Chocolate Pineapple!) check out her blog here.

30 Something Mother Runner

juniper bonsai

Jessica of 30 Something Mother Runner opted for our Juniper Bonsai. After enduring a rough winter, she shares a handful of tips that all of us can userelate to. Tip #1: Cut back on coffee, because you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing. Tip #2: Stop obsessing about a hobby, like running; listen to your body more; and stop being to not be so hard on herself. You can find out more about Jessica and her tips on how to find Zen here.

The Funny Mom Blog

bonsai tree and little girl

Desiree of The Funny Mom Blog found that just by taking a moment to stop, step back, and enjoy her surroundings throughout the day, she was able to find a little peace of mind. On another note, how adorable is this size comparison featuring our Premium Juniper Bonsai Tree? You can find out more about Desiree – the funny mom – and her four funny kiddos here.

Agri Girl

ginseng ficus bonsai

Tammy of Agri Girl chose to put her Ficus Bonsai Tree in the kitchen. She highlighted four key motifs in promoting Zen in her life:  simplicity, balance, harmony, and age. You can find out more about Tammy and how she connects these overarching themes here.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed from all the hustling and bustling of life?  What are some ways you like to relax and unwind after a long day?