Birthday parties are a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. Attending a birthday party is always a blast but being the host can sometimes cause a lot of stress. There are so many different party themes out there that can easily break the bank, from buying expensive party hats featuring a popular cartoon character to matching the table cloths and plates to the hottest new super hero. You do not need to put off having a party due to budgeting issues. Follow these easy steps in order to decorate your next birthday party on a budget and minimize stress.

Happy Birthday bear and flowers

1. Pick a color or theme for decorating your birthday party. Sticking with a basic color can help you stay on budget. Use your personal set of table cloths and napkins and add color with birthday flowers and candles. For example, if you have a basic white table cloth, use it for your birthday party table or side table on which you might place birthday gifts and the cake. Add flower petals from your home garden to throw in a bit of color and aroma- instant birthday decorations that are affordable and simple. Use plain white dishes (already in your possession) and accent with colorful chargers made out of construction paper.

2. Use minimum decorations such as streamers and balloons to decrease clutter and keep you on budget for your birthday party. Instead of spending money on fancy expensive mylar balloons, stick with colorful latex balloons and accentuate the party by picking wild flowers and setting vases around the room. You can also make confetti an additional decoration on your table by taking colored construction paper and punching holes in it with a simple hole puncher. Empty the compartment that contains the punched out material on your birthday party tables for a flash of birthday pizzazz.

3. Use the birthday party guest of honor as a decoration focal point. Turn your birthday party into an art gallery by placing several photos of the birthday boy/girl in the middle of a sit-down table as a centerpiece. Decorate with photos of friends and family or pick a birthday theme for your photo collection. If your guest of honor is a sports fanatic, use photos of them and their friends in sporting atmospheres (i.e. baseball games, playing soccer, wearing a sports jersey).

By following these simple birthday party ideas, you will have a birthday party that is sure to leave an impression without breaking the budget.