Valentine's Day Apps

Planning for Valentine’s Day can be tough. You want to create the perfect experience, but there’s so many choices of restaurants, recipes, or events.

Luckily, you can plan that perfect date in a matter of minutes, all from your phone. Even better, we’ve scoured all of the apps and created a simple list of the best ones to help you create that unforgettable evening.

It all starts with a simple question. Do you want to stay in or go out?

Staying In


Proflowers App 1. ProFlowers App


We couldn’t resist putting our new iPhone app on the list, simply because we don’t think Valentine’s guys will be able to resist using it. It’s a sleek, simple and stunning app that lets you surprise her with fresh flowers in a matter of seconds. You can add date reminders (never forget your anniversary again!), use your iPhone’s address book, and securely save purchase information for an even faster purchase next time. Download it here:

BigOven2. BigOven 

Whether you taught Gordon Ramsay everything he knows, or your idea of Hell is a kitchen, this app will help you easily prepare a simply delicious Valentine’s Day dinner. With over 250,000 recipes (and easy directions for each), you can shop for groceries with the ingredient menu from the app, save recipes, search by categories or ingredients, and more. You can even make it a date in itself by inviting her over, opening a bottle of wine, and following the recipe together. Even if your recipe comes out a bit “different”, you’ll definitely mix and create chemistry with her. Download it here:

Spotify3. Spotify/Pandora/Other Music

Here’s your chance to really set the mood. Will you go with jazz as smooth as your original pickup line, or test out her Beyonce’ singing skills with some top 40 hits? Either way, these streaming music apps let you fill the place with whatever style you both enjoy. Choose from pre-made Valentine’s Day playlists, or keep it fun with random shuffle based on a specific artist or style. Just keep it a little low, so the focus remains on your conversation together. Bonus tip: put your phone in a bowl to create a louder stereo sound.



Going Out


OpenTable1. OpenTable

This is your one-stop shop for those elusive Valentine’s Day dinner reservations. Simply search by location, cuisine, user ratings and other requests to receive a long list of available reservations. The app will show which dinner times are available, so you can instantly reserve the perfect time and receive a confirmation email. And if you really want to class it up and impress her, you can even order limo service through OpenTable. Download it here:

Timbre2. Timbre

Whether you’re killing a few minutes of nervous time before picking her up, or enjoying cocktails together after dinner, seeing live music together is an easy way to make the date an experience to remember. With Timbre, you can discover location-based live music, play samples, purchase tickets and save upcoming shows for the next date. It’s also a good conversation starter about music tastes for new daters, or a great way to surprise your significant other with tickets to their favorite show. After all, all you need is love—and music! Download it here:

HotelTonight3. HotelTonight

Make the date a staycation! With HotelTonight, you can easily book for the best last-minute hotel deals around you, all from your phone while she’s freshening up in the bathroom. It’s another great way to feel like you’re on vacation, whisked away with passion and pampering. Bonus tip: call right after your reservation and order a bottle of champagne to be delivered to your room. Even Cupid will be impressed with that move. Download it here: