Ah, chocolate covered strawberries! Pure delight from site to taste, these dessert favorites are a one of a kind way to mix fruit and chocolate. But many are unaware that there is a larger variety of dipped strawberries than the simple sweet, milky coating on this popular red fruit. At ProFlowers, we know that adding extra toppings, using dark or white dippings, or making the berries festive and fun takes this pleasurable treat to a whole new level.

strawberries and roses

Top the Dip

Great additional toppings for strawberries include sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips and more. Foods, like nuts, have been deliciously combined with chocolate desserts for years. So it makes sense to add them as additional toppings on strawberries. For example, fancy berries are hand-dipped and then decorated with either almonds, swizzles, or coconut. And these additional berry toppings not only add extra mouthwatering flavor, but they add a texture that is both appealing and appetizing. The added bonus to this new kind of berry is that you can find covered strawberries with nuts in sugar free form.

A Plain Variety

Dipped strawberries are most commonly associated with a creamy, milk chocolate coating. But there are two other types of dipped berries that are becoming a popular dessert to grace ones palate with – dark chocolate strawberries and white chocolate strawberries. You can find these fairly new dipping flavors being used on the berries in a variety ways to ensure the palate won’t grow tired of the simple flavors. Try berries that are double dipped in dark and white confectionary for a perfect bitter sweet combination. Or, for more subtle flavor combinations, order strawberries that have a full dark coating and white swizzles to add a hint of sweetness on a more savory taste.

Baseball Berries

Specialty Toppings

While strawberries dipped in chocolate are a delicious and popular dessert, sometimes the taste buds are looking for something more. Berries covered in toppings like yogurt, creamy peanut butter, and festive decorations are the perfect way to step outside the chocolate dipped box and tantalize your taste buds in a whole new way. Dine on yogurt covered berries with fruit flavored swizzles if you are looking for a refreshing summer treat. Or, for a subtly added taste that is complimentary to the traditional chocolate covered strawberry, try peanut butter berries. Also look for strawberries decorated in festive, colorful fashions with toppings like M&M’s and Snickers as a great way to spruce up birthdays. Or add a fun treat to a sporting event with berries decorated to look like footballs, baseballs, and basketballs.

With so many berry topping options to choose from, take this opportunity to expand your palate. Once you savor delicious flavors like chocolate covered strawberries with chocolate chips, you’ll never want an ordinary chocolate covered strawberry again. And don’t forget to send chocolate covered strawberries online so you can share these new found treats with all your loved ones!