The air you breathe indoors may not be as healthy as you think. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, organic chemicals commonly found in your home such as paints, disinfectants, cosmetics and fuels emit chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs are the leading cause of sick building syndrome, a health threat that leads to headaches, skin irritations, hypersensitivity and more.

The good news is, VOCs are easy to combat. In addition to disposing of unneeded household chemicals, surrounding your home with air-filtering plants helps aid in the creation of fresh air. While many plants tout air filtering qualities, we wondered if there were certain plants that did better at cleaning the air than others. By using two scientific studies, we were able to pinpoint the top five plants across each VOC.

The Best Plants For Improving Air Quality

Plants that do double duty

So next time you’re thinking about upgrading your home with some new plants, think about not only how good they look, but how they impact your health too! While you’re creating a fresher space, browse our house plants for some added charm.



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