What Are the Best Flowers for a Fall Wedding?

Spring and summer may be the most popular seasons for nuptials, but many couples are planning their big day during the cooler autumn months. When it comes to wedding décor, seasonal blooms and arrangements are always top of the list. Whether you are after a nature-inspired theme or something more contemporary, there are plenty of fall flowers that will bring color and cheer to your celebration. 

Proflowers has arrangements of glorious blooms that will complement any wedding venue and theme. If you are searching for the best wedding gifts and flowers for a fall ceremony, read on!

Choosing flowers and botanicals that are in season means they will be easy to procure and more budget-friendly. Autumnal foliage features a warm color palette that includes fiery oranges, amber tones, golds, deep reds, yellows, magentas, and russet tones.

Wedding Flowers that are in Season During Autumn

Mix and match some of these beautiful autumn flowers for your fall wedding:


Dahlias bloom through the early fall and are a staple for many autumn bridal arrangements. The color choices are varied, letting you curate the perfect tone to complement your décor. Dahlias can be deep burgundy, ivory, pale blush, and even vibrant yellow.


Amaranthus is a perennial plant that is popular in waterfall bouquets, centerpieces, arches, and floral arrangements. The cascading flowers are a subtle crimson-purple color.


Sunflowers bloom through October in most parts of the country, making this bloom a terrific option for early autumn weddings. They pair beautifully with smaller flowers in subtle hues, as well as fall plants and greenery like monstera leaves and fragrant eucalyptus or rosemary.

sunflower wedding bouquets sitting on a table


Marigolds look like miniature carnations with their pom-pom blooms, and come in a range of lovely autumnal shades, including gold, burnt orange, and red. These pretty flowers work beautifully in hanging floral displays, flower crowns, and boutonnieres. Paired with other burnished foliage, marigolds create a sophisticated fall wedding palette.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies are a fabulous choice for more casual or Boho-themed fall weddings. They can be mixed with other blooms and accent greenery for bridal bouquets and come in a wide variety of colors, from fuchsia and white to deep yellow and bold orange.


Yarrow, with its petite blooms, resembles Queen Anne’s lace. The foliage is soft and feathery, and makes a terrific filler for floral arrangements. The most common color is a muted yellow, but yarrow can also be pink, white, and peach.


Chrysanthemums are top choice in fall weddings for good reason. Big and showy, “mums” come in a variety of shapes and colors, and add texture to floral arrangements. Mums are the official flower of November and are generally less costly than their exotic counterparts.

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