What Flowers Bloom in Fall?

While spring and summer are synonymous with colorful gardens in full bloom, autumn has its fair share of brilliant blossoms and gorgeous, jewel-toned plants. Fall flowers can be just as amazing as their warm-weather counterparts, with lovely combinations of amber, crimson, orange, gold, and yellow hues.

When the temperatures begin to dip, these perennials and annuals are just starting to show off their vibrant blooms.


A classic late-season bloomer, the goldenrod is aptly named thanks to its rich yellow color. Topped with fluffy golden flowers, this species is a great addition to any fall garden, and it attracts butterflies with its sweet nectar.


Chrysanthemums, or mums, also bloom in the fall. They are simple to grow and come in a bevy of seasonal colors, including orange, red, yellow, pink, white, and peach. Mums are great for patios and porches, and provide a lush accent for floral centerpieces.


When it comes to late-season blooms, asters are another popular choice. These perennials have pretty star-shaped flowers that grow in lavender, blue, pink, and purple tones. They’re easy to grow, prefer full sun, and are low maintenance.


Sunflowers are a hardy species that provide color and cheer well into the cooler fall months. Their large, disk-shaped blooms grow in lovely shades of bright yellow, bronze, orange, red, and white.

sunflowers growing in open field


Roses have different blooming cycles, and several varieties bloom in the autumn. They grow in an assortment of colors and shapes, but the best fall blooming roses include: Arthur Bell roses, Queen Elizabeth roses, hybrid tea roses, Sally Homes roses, and Heritage roses. This bloom is a classic that’s perfect for any occasion, so send roses today.

Marguerite Daisy

Marguerite daisies, also known as Paris daisies, love the chilly fall weather and can brighten up gardens with their pretty gold, white, and chartreuse foliage. Marguerite daisies bring a taste of the fall season to interiors, and really liven up a space.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan, or rudbeckia, are named for the dark brownish-colored centers of its daisy-like flowers. Depending on the species, they can grow up to 36 inches tall, and will bloom from June through late September. The flowers can be a bright lemon-yellow, reddish-brown, or a dark crimson color.


With their lively hues and interesting markings, these autumn flowers enjoy the cooler temperatures of fall. The petals of viola are actually edible, and come in a variety of colors like deep purple, yellow, blue, cream, and a light orange.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum tolerates cold weather and have fragrant flowers that smell vaguely of honey. These herbaceous perennials burst into bloom between September and November and are often placed in baskets and window boxes to show off their cascading blooms that can be white, lilac, or pink in color.

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