Yellow Daffodil“Take Time to Smell the Flowers” is the official Beaumont Botanical Garden’s (BBG) motto. And boy are there flowers to smell! From roses to native flowering plants to herbs, there’s something for everyone — even exotic flower lovers — here at BBG in Tyrell Park. With over 23 acres and 15 unique gardens, it’s certainly a sight! BBG includes lush indoor and outdoor areas that are perfect for a daytime visit and perusal. For Texans, BBG is one of the most magnificent places they don’t have to leave home to see!

The gardens house the famous Bert and Jack Binks Horticultural Center and the Warren Loose Conservatory. The Warren Loose Conservatory is the second largest conservatory in a public garden in the state of Texas! The gardens are also home to numerous theme areas that display Camellias, Bromeliads, and many native plants.

The numerous theme gardens are connected by a “Friendship Walk.” Along the walk, visitors are treated to beautiful displays of antique and modern roses, herbs, flowering Azaleas and more. The many benches invite visitors to stop and “smell the flowers,” or simply rest. A pond with a stone waterfall is home to many beautiful migratory ducks, plus turtles and Imperial Koi, all of which love to be fed – a special delight for visiting children. Because Beaumont is on a major migratory “flyway,” the gardens and Nature Trail offer excellent opportunities for bird-watching.

Bottom line: the natural scenery at Beaumont is legendary. The flowers are stunning. The aura is tranquil. There’s even a 9/11 tribute area. Thus, it’s difficult to put into words the wonders you’ll see and witness at BBG.

But we sure tried! Below find the must-see exhibitions; don’t miss these attractions. The Top Two Garden Must-Sees explains the finest two features at Beaumont! Of course, you must visit for yourself to truly appreciate it. Also find below a complete list of Gardens here.

Bob Whitman Propagation House – Bromeliad Display Garden

Composed of over 3,000 describe species, the Bromeliad family in whole is large, varied and used for everything from food to upholstery stuffing! Founded by Bob Whitman and Warren Loose, the Propagation House and Bromeliad Garden at BBG displays only the rarest of the Bromeliads and Orchids. It’s a true sight for sore eyes if you’re an exotic and/or flowering plant lover, or for anyone who appreciates true natural beauty. Loose and Warren went on exotic hunts across the World to bring only the most beautiful species back to the US for display as they built it in 2001! Thanks, guys!

The Warren Loose Conservatory

The 10,000-square-foot, privately funded Conservatory was dedicated to the late Warren Loose, an avid plant specialist. This crown jewel houses many tropical plants from around the world, a waterfall, a Koi fish pool, and an arbor-facing plaza setting. With waterfalls, an African Violet Display, native, rare and exotic flowers and plants like Bromeliad Aechemea, plus a lily pond, you mustn’t miss this one.

A variety of gardens and structures have been added over subsequent years, as each year at BBG, a new garden is added, which is sponsored by the Beaumont Council of Garden Clubs.

Here is a complete list of Gardens and other attractions at Beaumont currently:


  • Green and White Garden (1986)
  • Stream Bed Garden (1986)
  • Antique Rose Garden (1987)
  • Shelter Building in the Garden (1988)
  • Grandmother’s Garden (1989)
  • Modern Rose Garden (1990)
  • Japanese garden (1991)
  • Gazebo (1991)
  • Azalea Trail (1991)
  • Daylily Display Garden (1991)
  • Native Plant Garden (1992)
  • Bromeliad Display Garden (1992)
  • Herb garden (1994)
  • Violets Garden (1994)
  • Camellia Garden (1995)
  • Vi’s Fountain (1996)
  • Secret Garden (2000)
  • Palm and Agave Garden (2001)

Beaumont Botanical Gardens
6088 Babe Zaharias Drive
Beaumont, TX 77705
Phone: 409.842.3135

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