birthday rose bush

In American society, flowers tend to carry a personal, almost intimate, message and should be given thoughtfully with a measure of prudence. While a birthday bouquet of red roses may bring huge smiles from your wife when she receives them at work on her birthday, the same bouquet may cause concern when you send them to your best friend’s wife on her birthday. Flowers are an effective and efficient gift to recognize the birthday of someone who lives in a distant city, because you can order them delivered fresh on the special day.


Red roses don’t have to be reserved for Valentine’s Day. Instead send the romantic wishes to your loved one on her birthday. Red roses are a symbol of romantic love and should be reserved for those with whom you have a mutual romantic relationship, however. White roses, on the other hand, signify purity and make a lovely birthday gift for a family member or friend. Yellow roses, such as the bright, fresh Long Stem Yellow Roses, make an innocent and safe selection for anyone’s birthday.

orchid plants


Orchids are no longer the purview of only the rich and pampered. Hybrid breeds of orchids make them an ideal gift for any occasion. The modern orchids on the market are easy to care for and show a level of caring to the birthday celebrant that doesn’t carry overtones of romance. Orchids are universally loved and make appropriate birthday gifts for anyone from a co-worker to a distant relative, male or female friend or close relative, young or old.

Mixed Flowers

Chrysanthemums make an ideal birthday gift for someone with whom you do not have a romantic relationship. They may, on the other hand, be a bit too tame for a spouse or lover. Unless your loved one is enamored with lilies or daisies, you may want to save those flowers for younger family members or children of close friends. The size of the bouquet also speaks to the level of your involvement with the recipient. A small bouquet can be thoughtful, yet not over the top.


Birthday presents can be made easy by providing you with appropriate add-ons to your flower arrangement that can make any birthday gift special. Round out a birthday gift, for example, with a Dozen Hand-Dipped Birthday Berries or balloons that express your sentiments. Consider a basket of cookies or fruit to accompany the flowers for a complete birthday present. Wine, cheese, cupcakes and decorated birthday cakes included with a flower delivery will make your gift memorable.