Are 10,000 flowers enough to thank mom for all she does? ProFlowers took the opportunity to do something really grand to celebrate moms this Mother’s Day—we created a massive flower wall in the historic Grand Central Station in New York City.

Grand Central Terminal floral wall

Here’s an interview with the designer who helped make this magnificent flower wall come together. Plus, learn tips for creating your own flower wall:

How did you come up with the concept? 

Grand Central Station is such an iconic, grandiose New York landmark and we wanted to create something equally as grandiose that would stop people in their tracks during their commutes. We knew we had to make something on a very large scale so we came up with the idea of this massive flower wall.

OurAll The Frills” bouquet is one of our top-selling Mother’s Day bouquets, so we pulled inspiration from the colors and textures of this bouquet for the design of our wall. We used large polka dots, which are very trend-forward at the moment, to really grab the eye of passerby.                  

How big was the wall?

The wall was 16 feet high by 32 feet wide.

How many stems were used?

We used over 10,000 stems of flowers (mostly roses, but some fuji mums) and the wall weighed over 1,200 lbs.!

How can people recreate something like this at home on a smaller scale?

Create a sturdy wall out of plywood and 2x4s. Make sure it is braced properly with brackets on the back so the wall doesn’t topple over with the weight of the flowers.

Depending on how large the wall is, you may need to counterbalance the back of the wall with sandbags or weights (the front of the wall will be very heavy with flowers in water tubes (our 10×12 wall weighed almost 300 lbs.). 

Attach large sheets of Styrofoam to the plywood board with screws and washers. The washer should be on the front of the Styrofoam.   

Cover the foam with sheet moss, securing the moss with floral greening pins. Be sure to cover over the washers too.  

Next place filled water tube/picks in the wall-based in the design you would like to create (polka dot, ombré, etc.).

Place flowers into the water tubes/picks to create your masterpiece. Make sure you step back and take a look at the wall from different angles and fill in any ‘holes’ as you go. 

Where should a flower wall be kept? Inside or outside? Near light or in the shade?

It can be done either inside or out but needs to be away from direct light, heat sources (furnace, etc.) or strong winds.

Does it need to be watered?

No, the stems should be in water tubes so there is no need to water. The flowers will last two to three days in the water tubes depending on the types of flower you use. 

How could you see people using this at home?

This would make a great party entrance, a backdrop for a photo booth or backdrop for a backyard wedding.

How far in advance should they build it before their event? 

Building the base wall (plywood, with Styrofoam and moss) took the majority of our time. This can be done several days in advance but I would suggest not putting the flowers in the water tubes/picks and on the wall until the day before the event.  

Are certain flowers better to use than others?

You want to use a flower that has a large head to take up a nice amount of space but that is also long-lasting. Roses, mums, and carnations are great for flower walls.  

Everyone knows how important Mother’s Day is all across the world, as it is the one day designated to express just how much we appreciate these wonderful women in our lives. Check out photos of our incredible flower wall event from some of the folks who stopped by to admire it, indulge in some treats and post a pic for their moms. What did you do to celebrate your favorite mom this year?