When you’re at work, you know that perhaps the most important cog in the wheel of daily operations is the office admin. They do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep things moving smoothly, and it can be a difficult and thankless job. But, that all stops now. Wednesday, April 23rd is Administrative Professionals Day, and it’s a great opportunity to let that person know how much you appreciate their efforts. Certainly, one way to thank them is to brighten their desk with a lovely, colorful flower arrangement, but there are other things that you can do that will likewise make them feel special.

Have an Office Breakfast in Their Honor


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While a tangible gift might be a nice idea, it’s also fun to involve the whole office in thanking the person (or team) that makes the office run smoothly. One way to do this is to host a bagel breakfast in their honor. This is a cost-effective way to show that not only are you thankful for them, but to allow the rest of the office staff to participate as well. Bringing in bagels, cream cheese and coffee can be a welcome surprise for the whole office, and it’s a cost-effective and easy treat.

Sweet Treats


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Does your office admin have a sweet tooth? If so, what would be better than an impromptu “cake party” one afternoon during Administrative Professionals’ Week? You could take a from-the-heart approach and bake it yourself, or if you’re not culinary inclined, find your local bakery and grab one there. Of course, you could also try cookies, muffins or a similar delectable temptation!

Pure Relaxation


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Depending on your specific workplace, it’s possible that your office admin’s job is particularly… well, stressful. There’s no better way to have a relaxed and rejuvenated staffer than to treat them to a fabulous massage.

Snacks for All

cheese and snacks

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Whether you want an office-wide celebration or something that your office admin can enjoy on their own or to bring home, a decadent cheese and fruit platter might be just the thing. Cake and candy is great for someone with a sweet tooth, but a cheese platter can be a welcome non-sweets alternative for the admin professional who might prefer something savory.

Candy Bouquet

candy bouquet

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Fun and frivolity can add a little spirit to your workplace. One easy and cost-effective way to show any employee your appreciation is with a candy bouquet. One way to make this an effective way to thank your employees is to buy a few bulk bags of assorted goodies and a few packing materials and be ready to build a candy box or bouquet any time you want to show gratitude to your employees for their actions, big or small.


All the Frills bouquet - roses, mums, peruvian lilies

If their desk could use a healthy refresher, a floral bouquet can be a special surprise and that will lift their mood and make them feel valued. What a great way to immediately lift their mood in the morning!

Employee morale is one of the most important aspects to keeping a business afloat and prosperous. Everyone likes to feel valued, and sometimes just saying thanks so is plenty. But, special occasions like Administrative Professionals Day give us the opportunity to go one step further, a few Administrative Professionals Day gift ideas are candy, food, flowers, a heartfelt note of appreciation or something that’s unique to your office or the admin’s personality.