Lots of kids like to spend time creating craft projects and homemade gifts. To add a little excitement, you can experiment with adding pressed flowers to these projects. Gluing pressed flowers on a homemade card can be fun and can really add some personality to it. In fact, preserving various leaves and flowers can be a creative, easy way to dress up any craft or art project.

Pressing Flowers and Leaves

A kid can press flowers and leaves with a few simple household items. Fresh flowers can be pressed in the middle of a dictionary, or any heavy book. First, lay three sheets of paper into a dictionary and place the flowers on top of them. The flowers can be arranged face up or down. Then, put three more sheets of paper over the flowers and firmly close the book. Putting another book on top of the dictionary will help the process. It takes about two to four weeks to successfully press flowers. Daisies, pansies, marigolds, and roses are a few examples of flowers to press, but you can experiment to see which flowers look best. Leaves can also be pressed inside books.

Drying Flowers

There are a number of ways that a kid can dry flowers. For example, hanging flowers is an effective way to dry them. First, you will need to remove the leaves from the flowers. Then, tie the flower stems together with string or wire. Next, the flowers should hang upside down in a dry area with little light, such as an attic or a closet. Drying flowers usually takes about a month.

Preserving Flowers

One way to preserve flowers is by putting them in a box with a mixture of borax and sand or corn meal. Because this method involves the use of materials that should be handled with care, it is best to ask an adult for help. The amount of time it takes to preserve a flower depends on the method used, as well as the type of flower involved. Flowers that have been preserved will last for years to come.

Craft Projects

Pressed flowers can be worked into many fun art & craft projects. For instance, some kids love to decorate bookmarks with bunches of colorful, pressed flowers. Some candles look better decorated with pressed flowers. Flowers can also be added to a homemade card. You could even add pressed flowers or leaves to a memory album for a personal touch. A picture frame can also be decorated by adding pressed flowers to the frame itself. Creative kids can find countless ways to use pressed flowers!