While you may only have one mother, there are a million different ways to say “Mom.” The word “Mother” has a very special meaning for people from various cultures. While English speakers may refer to their mother as “Ma” or simply “Mom,” others may call their mom “Okaasan” or “Maji.” Whether you want to find a new nickname for your mom, impress her by saying mom in another language, or say mother in her native tongue, this guide is sure to help! Here’s how to say mom in 56 different languages from around the world!

  1. Afrikaans: Moeder or Ma

  2. Albanian: Nënë or Mëmë

  3. Arabic: Ahm

  4. Basque: Ama

  5. Belarusan: Matka

  6. Bulgarian: Majka

  7. Catalan: Mare

  8. Croatian: Mati or Majka

  9. Czech: Matka, Mama, or Maminka

  10. Danish: Mor

  11. Dutch: Moeder or Moer

  12. English: Mother, Mama, or Mom

  13. Estonian: Ema

  14. Finnish: Aiti

  15. Flemish: Moeder

  16. Filipino: Ina

  17. French: Mère or Maman

  18. German: Mutter

  19. Greek: Mana or Mitera"mom" in different countries around the world

  20. Haitian Creole: Manman

  21. Hawaiian: Makuahine

  22. Hindi: Ma or Maji

  23. Hungarian: Anya or Fu

  24. Icelandic: Mamma

  25. Indonesian: Biang, Ibu, Induk, or Nyokap

  26. Irish: Máthair

  27. Italian: Madre or Mamma

  28. Japanese: Okaasan or Haha

  29. Kurdish Kurmanji: Dayê

  30. Latin: Mater

  31. Latvian: Mamma

  32. Lithuanian: Motina

  33. Macedonian: Majka

  34. Malay: Ibu

  35. Mongolian: Eej

  36. Norwegian: Mamma or Mor

  37. Persian: Madr or Maman"mom" in different languages around the globe

  38. Polish: Matka or Mama

  39. Portuguese: Mãe

  40. Punjabi: Mai, Mataji, or Pabbo

  41. Romanian: Mamă or Maică

  42. Russian: Mama

  43. Samoan: Tina

  44. Serbian: Majka

  45. Sicilian: Matri

  46. Slovak: Mamička

  47. Spanish: Madre, Mamá, or Mami

  48. Swahili: Mama, Mzazi, or Mzaa

  49. Swedish: Mamma, Mor, or Morsa

  50. Tagalog: Nanay

  51. Turkish: Ana, Anne, or Valide

  52. Ukrainian: Mati

  53. Urdu: Ammee

  54. Vietnamese: Mẹ

  55. Welsh: Mam

  56. Yiddish: Muter

As you went through the list, did you notice that the word for Mother is very similar across the globe? Despite the various ways to say mom, the concept of mothers is undeniably universal. Now that you know how to say mother in different languages, we’ll explore some of the ways you can celebrate.Some gift ideas to give mom on Mother's Day

Celebrate Your Mom with ProFlowers

ProFlowers is here to help you celebrate Mother’s Day—no matter what language you say mother in! There’s no denying a mother’s hard work and dedication to being the best mom for their children. For that reason, our collection of Mother’s Day arrangements and gifts boasts unique presents that are just as special as she is. Here are a few popular Mother’s Day gifts that’ll show her how much she means to you: 

  • Mixed bouquets: A sweet bouquet of colorful blooms, such as lilies, carnations, daisies, and tulips, is the perfect way to add some springtime cheer to this wonderful holiday. 
  • Potted plants: Brighten up your mom’s home with a plant that’ll continue to grow just like your love. There’s something for her regardless of gardening skills, from blooming orchids and miniature rose shrubs to lucky bamboo and easy-to-care-for succulents.
  • Gourmet food delivery: Send a delicious treat along with your fresh flowers to make your mom feel extra appreciated. If she has a sweet tooth, choose from our decadent chocolate-covered strawberries, soft-baked cupcakes, luxurious chocolate towers, and more. For a more savory gift, choose a meat and cheese basket that she can brag to her friends about. 

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Now that you know how to say mom in 56 other languages and have a few gift ideas, how will you honor your mom this Mother’s Day?