Happy Couple

Valentine’s Day has a lot of familiar traditions. From hearts to chocolates and traditional roses, plus countless other gifts that are romantic but can lean toward the cliché side. This year, we’ve compiled a list of creative ideas your sweetheart won’t be expecting.

1. Surprise Vacation

Obstacles such as arranging time off work without your significant other finding out or secretly packing her suitcase can make this idea ambitious, but that’s also what makes this gesture so wonderful. It shows you care enough to go the extra mile (or 1,000).  Delivering the surprise can be easily done by hiding concert tickets in a bouquet of flowers or tucked into something she uses everyday (handbag, gym tote, etc.). Some tips for pulling this one off:

  • Stay close to home (keeps your romantic getaway from becoming a hassle).
  • Make it an overnight or short weekend trip (this keeps it exciting without getting in the way of real life).
  • Have everything planned in advance (hotel, dinner reservations, etc.).

2. Create a One-of-a-Kind Bouquet.

Red roses are a classic, but every classic needs an update. Mixed bouquets are quickly growing in popularity, and picking something that is unique to her personality is a great way to show how much thought you put into getting the perfect flowers. Try fresh cut tulips that bloom over time, to give a gift that keeps on giving. If she’s an animal lover or just a little wild, try a mix of pink roses and smaller spray roses with a leopard print bow. For more creative bouquet ideas, check out our “More Than Red Roses” belowor one of our other designer flower bouquets.

3. Wrap Your Gift in a Balloon

For this idea, the smaller and thinner the gift, the better. Think spa gift certificates or a love note (or if it’s time, maybe a ring). Roll up your gift and insert it along with confetti into the neck of the balloon. Then, blow it up and let her pop it for a surprise.

4. Create a “Mixtape”

Mixtape Love

Back in the day, creating a mixtape for someone was the ultimate romantic gesture. Actually making it required the time and strategy to ensure every song worked from the opening track to the closer. It’s a lost art in the digital age, but it can easily be done with a Spotify or iTunes playlist that you can sneak onto her smartphone or iPod. Be thoughtful with your song selection. Do you two have a song? An artist you saw in concert on your first date? Choose wisely. You can include a love note with it, or design some cover art and send it in an email.

5. Pop-Up Picnic

Pop Up Picnic

This one takes some planning, so you might need a little help. Have a friend or trusted assistant go to a nearby park and set up a picnic in advance. Then suggest a walk through the park with your Valentine, and voila! A surprise pop-up picnic! This idea is straight out of a Hollywood romantic comedy and will be something she remembers forever. Don’t stop there. Get creative. Think outside the heart-shaped box to give your special someone a Valentine’s Day to remember.