Is the cold, dreary winter bringing you down? As the novelty of the first snow wears off, those overwhelming feelings—cabin fever, exhaustion from shoveling snow and pure loathing for packing on all those heavy layers—start to set in. So what can you do to bring a little joy back into those wearisome winter months?

It has been scientifically proven that flowers (our specialty!) have the ability to elevate your mood. Beyond the elation you experience upon receiving a gorgeous bouquet, seeing flowers at any time can make you feel energized and overall more positive throughout the day. Additionally, the scent of flowers can help alleviate stress.

So while you’re stuck indoors for these bleak biting days, consider surrounding yourself with anything floral. Here are 4 brilliant ideas to brighten up your home and fight the winter blues.

Floral-Patterned Finishes

Fight the Winter Blues with Floral-Patterned Finishes

Incorporate vivid floral patterns into your home décor to put a little pep back in your step. Whether it’s a beautiful new rug, a few throw pillows for the sofa or floral bed sheets, seeing colorful blooms scattered throughout your home will help make you feel a sense of calm and even slightly blissful despite the seasonal sadness.

It’s so important to add both pattern and color into your décor, especially if you tend to choose more neutrals, and floral patterns are a simple way to achieve this, without redecorating your entire room.


Floral Art

Fight the Winter Blues with Floral Art

Surround yourself with all things beautiful—make space on your wall for some beautiful flower artwork. Looking at a beautiful painting, drawing or photograph is guaranteed to make you feel happy again. And if you’re feeling especially inspired, try your hands at creating your own flower masterpiece to put on display in your home—pick up some paints and a canvas and unleash your inner artist.

You can happily pass the winter days by cozying up with a nice hot cup of tea and admiring your brilliant work of art.


Floral wallpaper

Fight the Winter Blues with Floral Wall Paper

If you think wallpaper is slightly outdated, think again! Wallpaper is actually making a comeback and emerging as a huge trend. You don’t have to settle for ugly 70s-style prints either. There is such a wide variety of good-quality, gorgeous wallpaper out on the market today.

Find stylish floral paper to suit your taste—whether it’s vibrant and cheerful or modern and sophisticated. You don’t have to cover your entire home in floral wallpaper either just to beat the blues—choose just one lovely accent wall, and it will end up making a huge difference. Spend a Saturday picking up materials at your local home improvement store and hanging your paper, and then enjoy the rest of the winter that much more.


Fresh flowers

Fight the Winter Blues with Fresh Flowers

Bring fresh, vibrant, colorful flower arrangement into your home and put one in every room—in the living room on the coffee table, in your bedroom on a nightstand or even in the dining room to enjoy while dining.

The best part about fresh flowers is that you can have these blooming beauties hand-delivered right to your door—so no need to trek out into the cold, depressing winter weather. Choose any color or variety that makes you think of sunny, cheerful days ahead. If you live in a warm-weather climate, think of all your friends elsewhere suffering from the winter blues and send them some happy flowers to liven up their season.

If you’re feeling particularly moody this winter, you may be suffering from seasonal depression. Take it from the experts—plain and simple: flowers make you happy. Add some to your home, and you’ll forget all about the gloom of winter and start to love the season once again.