‘Tis the season for candy canes! This delectable confection can be found practically everywhere this time of year, and we aren’t complaining about it. While the classic red and white striped candy is traditionally hung on Christmas trees or eaten as a sweet, refreshing treat, we’re presenting some fun, unique ways to incorporate candy canes into your holiday home décor.


Candy Cane Wreath & Holiday Cards

You love getting the mail this time of year because more often then not, your mailbox is flooded with Christmas cards—messages spreading holiday cheer and photos of loved ones. So what do you do with all those beautiful, thoughtful cards? We say, make them part of your Christmas décor and incorporate a lovely candy cane-shaped wreath to tie the look all together.

Candy Cane & Christmas Cards

You’ll need: string, tape, clothespins, holiday cards and a candy cane wreath.

We chose string that is red and white striped, just like our favorite holiday goodie. First measure out how much string you need based on how many Christmas cards you want to hang—it doesn’t need to be precise, just make sure you have enough string available.

Attach your cards to the clothespins and then clip each one to the string—you can leave a little space in between each one, or clip them all close together. Leave a space in the center of the string with no cards (this is where your candy cane wreath will go).

Simply tape each end of the string on any wall in your home—like the foyer, above the mantel or even in the kitchen—letting it drape in the center. You can use decorative holiday washi tape or just clear tape.

Hang the candy cane wreath in the center of the string using a removable hook.


Candy Cane Mason Jar

This is a candy cane DIY dream come true. Create a trendy, stylish candy cane vase to display your beautiful holiday flowers.

Candy Cane Lane DIY Vase

You will need: a red mason jar, mod modge, blue painter’s tape, white paint, a small paint brush, twine and jingle bells.

Start with a red mason jar, which comes with several of our holiday bouquets—including Christmas flowers like this stunning Jingle All the Way bouquet of red and white roses and carnations, and festive jingle bell picks.

Place painter’s tape starting from the bottom of the jar to the top at a diagonal. Repeat this process approximately every two inches to create your “stripes.”

Once the tape is securely in place, paint a layer of mod podge onto any exposed areas on the outside of the jar—the mod podge ensures the white paint looks as white as possible when finished. When the mod podge has dried, paint a layer of white paint over it.

After the paint has dried, remove the tape and voilà! You have a lovely candy cane-inspired creation. Using twine, we strung silver and red jingle bells around the top for a cute embellishment.


Candy Cane Tablescape

Bring your love of candy canes to your dinner table décor this holiday season and create a modern and fresh centerpiece.

Candy Cane Lane Tablescape

You will need: a two-tiered cupcake stand, mini vases, gardening shears and a fresh red and white bouquet, like our Making Spirits Bright Holiday Centerpiece.

Separate the blooms and cut the stems at a diagonal with your gardening shears to fit into your vases. Experiment with one flower—cut the stem little by little until it is the right size—before clipping the stems of the rest.

Next, fill each of the vases with a few flowers each. We made sure to mix different flower colors and varieties in each vase.

When the vases are full, place them onto the cupcake tiers. Set the centerpiece on your dinner table for all your guests to enjoy.

We also added a festive table runner with red votive candleholders, white dishes and red napkins with red and white candy cane napkin rings to complete the candy cane theme.


Candy Cane Vase

This is a super simple and fun way to incorporate candy canes into your holiday décor. This adorable candy cane vase can bring the festive Christmas feel to any room in the house, and also makes a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Candy Cane lined vase DIY


You will need: a clear, glass vase, another smaller vase (that can fit inside the glass vase), candy cane sticks, a beautiful red and white Christmas gift.

First, place the smaller vase in the center of the larger clear, glass vase.

Next, line the candy cane sticks along the inside of the larger vase, making sure they are nice and packed in there so they do not move around.

After trimming the stems (at a diagonal) of the bouquet, simply place it into the small vase. And there you have your tasty-looking holiday vase.

Candy canes bring a certain kind of joy to the world during the holiday season. Bring this same sentiment inside your home with these clever candy cane decorating ideas.