We think that August’s National Romance Month is just the perfect time to celebrate romance. It’s halfway between Valentine’s Day and a few months before the cozy holiday season, making it the perfect time to celebrate the intimate moments between the milestones. After all, everlasting love lasts because both of you keep your romance fresh.

It’s those little everyday gestures that are sometimes the most memorable. To celebrate the 31 days of National Romance Month in August, we’re giving you 31 ways to express your love every day. They’re simple, meaningful and they’ll make each other feel loved in a fun and sometimes surprising way. So without further adieu, here are the tips.

31 Ways to Celebrate Romance Every Day


1. Secret little love notes are a great way to put a smile on their face when they discover it in their lunch bag, jeans pocket, or taped to their car’s dashboard on their way to work. Bonus points if the note directs them to another note, and another, and so on…

Leave love notes.


2. Mix up the midweek by having one evening without power. Everything will be lit by candlelight. Prepare some Italian, pour some wine, and enjoy classic board games or cards, drawing, anything besides focusing on a screen and instead focusing on each other. Your eyes (and heart) will love you for it.


3. Make something that expresses your personality and love. Even if it’s a simple card of stick figure drawings from your favorite dates, or a collection of little notes saying what you love about them, or a hand-drawn certificate for a back massage will be the perfect gift because it shows your thoughtful personality.


4. Clean something—anything! Cleanliness isn’t exactly sexy, but the thoughtfulness behind the gesture definitely is. Surprise them by deep-cleaning the kitchen or bathroom and they might just be even more relaxed than a massage could ever deliver.


5. Dessert is a beautiful thing, even when you’re anticipating it. So, surprise them with their favorite dessert. Pick it up after work and hide it, then casually bring it out after you’ve cleared the dishes. Two romantic gestures in one!

Dessert is a good thing.


6. Surprise them at work. Deliveries to work are always unexpected (even at Valentine’s Day) so really make them smile with a flower delivery. They’ll love to display your gift on their desk, a daily reminder of your love for them.


7. Go through your phone pictures and text some of your favorites to them throughout the day.
Or, create a new one! Write a little note, hold it next to your face and take a picture, then send it
to them.


8. While they’re sitting down, simply go up behind them and massage their neck and shoulders.
It’s especially perfect right after they kick off their work shoes and want to unwind after work.


9. Pack a picnic basket and surprise them when they get home from work, or wake them up to a morning outdoor weekend brunch. Don’t forget the floral cocktails!

Surprise them with a homemade brunch.


10. Dedicated radio songs are romantic, but you never know if or when they’ll play your song. Instead, post a YouTube version of the song on Facebook and tag your lover, dedicating the song
to them. It’s a fun and cute gesture without being that Facebook couple.


11. Learn something new together. It can be a mutual interest or something new to both, from a new language to a new recipe. YouTube has lots of free tutorials, just a quick search away.


12. Arrive home from work before them? Leave a simple love note with a piece of chocolate on the doorstep. It’ll work wonders for leaving any work stress at the door as they come inside.


13. Set a reminder on their phone with a fun text message that pops up during that time. Just don’t type anything too risqué—they might have their phone out in a public work meeting.

Send a clever text message.


14. Ah, the classic playlist. Today, you can easily create a fun, intimate and personal playlist on your phone and play it during that surprise picnic or after dinner, with the TV turned off and the glass of wine filled. Pick some songs with a shared history, maybe concerts together or lyrics that really capture how you feel about each other. Bonus tip: Place your phone in a small bowl to amplify its sound while outdoors, say, at a surprise picnic that you organized.


15. You can easily create a gift basket. Stop by the store on the way home and get a bunch of small gifts—the total can be under $10. Small chocolates, a postcard from somewhere you’ve visited together (or want to go), maybe a fun plastic ring to keep in their jewelry box to remember the sweet gesture.


16. Make a memory note. Just describe one memorable moment together, and describe the scene—where you were, how you felt, what thoughts were going through your head, anything. It can be from a first date, first anniversary, any memory that makes you smile. Read it to them or hide it where they’ll find it.


17. Enjoy watching a specific show together? Next time, plan ahead and get some popcorn or other munchies and make it a mini-movie night. Bonus points for also surprising them with their favorite candy during a commercial break.

Make a movie night.


18. When was the last time you slow danced? Just put on a romantic song and ask, “May I have this dance?” Truly a timeless romantic gesture.


19. Magazines are a fun and casual way to share dreams and insights as a great way to connect while relaxing. Just pull a few magazines lying around, or pick up a few from the store. Flip the pages together and you’ll immediately be sharing thoughts, recalling stories, and planning your next romantic
trip together.


20. Remember when cell phones were used for actual phone calls? Give them a call during the day and just to say hi and tell them that you love them.


21. Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier and take a morning walk together before work, even if it’s just around the block. It’s a great way to jumpstart your morning together.

Go for a walk in the morning.


22. Make a romantic photo collage and email it to them. Just pull some photos and use PicMonkey to upload your photos and easily create a collage, then email it to them for an afternoon pick-me-up at work.


23. You can also keep a gratitude jar together. Just keep a jar, post-it notes and a pen in a common area, and jot down what you’re thankful for as you walk by the jar. It’s fun to read them at the end of the month (or even year) together.


24. Pack tomorrow’s lunch for them, and add a little love note inside.


25. Make anything into a heart and leave it where they’ll find it. You could make one out of coffee beans as the morning coffee brews, flower petals, or anything around the house. It’s an easy way to show your creativity and romantic side.

Make anything into a heart.


26. Are they traveling for work? Use the hotel’s room service to send a bottle of champagne or other treat to greet them after a long day.


27. Create a mini-relaxation station to greet them when they come home from work. Set out some comfy slippers, refreshing face wipes, a glass of wine or tea, the book they’ve been reading (or a new magazine), and invite them to simply relax and unwind.


28. Ask them on a date! It can even be a “secret date” at a later time, so you can plan it once they say yes. It’ll be our little secret.


29. Simply ask them what you can do to help, whether it’s around the house, errands or other little “to do” items. Everyone has those nagging things to take care of, and helping each other with their list is a romantic gesture that also reduces stress.


30. Take an extra interest in their interests. Are reality shows their guilty pleasure? Buy some gossip magazines, record a few episodes and watch with them. Do they love music? Pick up a few music magazines, look up local shows, make a playlist of new music and surprise them with concert tickets.

Take an interest in her interests.


31. Write your own list of the top 31 reasons why you love them! Bonus tip: Number them and hide them around the house, telling them to collect all 31 for a special prize.


We hope this gave you some fresh, romantic ideas to try tomorrow. They’re a great way to surprise your love and celebrate National Romance Month. If you’re looking for a bigger surprise, we’re also giving away an 18-day romantic Princess Cruises cruisetour for two! That would be an unforgettable trip, so click here to enter now and you could surprise them with the trip of a lifetime!