This fall, we put together a massive bouquet that’s as versatile as the season’s events. Since our blooms arrive in protective boxes, the sky is the limit in terms of how to style them—and you don’t have to be a floral designer to come up with an arrangement that’s guaranteed to be the center of attention at every gathering this season!

Prior to styling your bouquet, it’s important to understand a few basics of making your flowers look fresh and beautiful upon receiving them:

  1. Remove flowers from their box and wrapping.
  2. Trim the stems a minimum of 1 inch at a diagonal.
  3. Remove any foliage on the stems that falls below the water line.
  4. Fill your vase or container with clean, room temperature water.

Once your flowers are prepped, you can start thinking about fun and creative ways to arrange them.


Block it out:

A trend known as color blocking has been sweeping the interior design world—and that includes floral décor! Lay your flowers out on a prepping table and separate them by color. Place all the like-colored stems together in a small bundle within the larger bouquet, or separate each color into different vases and turn the big bouquet into multiple smaller ones!


Think outside the bloom:

Incorporating non-floral, fall elements into your bouquet will lend it a unique and customized feel. Whether faux or real, mixing and matching seasonal add-ons like mini pumpkins, twigs, leaves, cattails, feathers, cranberries, crab apples (or even an artichoke!), will add an interesting dimension to your flowers.


Stoked on storage:

While the clear glass vase will forever remain a classic, if you want a break from the traditional, check out some of our new, seasonal vases like our white and gold dipped pumpkin vase, our candy corn vase, or our wine barrel container! Also, feel free to look around your own house for different flower holder ideas—repurposing common household items like wooden boxes or watering cans brings a rustic and vintage element to fall arrangements.



The possibilities for how to style your fall bouquet are many—simply get creative and allow your individual style to shine through. Show us what you come up with by posting a photo on Instagram and tagging it #ProFlowers!