A beautiful bouquet is hand delivered to your front door or office. You read the card and can’t help but feel surprise, joy, elation…all those good feelings you get from knowing someone out there truly cares. You take them out of the box, and then what? “How on earth do I style this bouquet?” you may wonder.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We are presenting one of our favorite fall bouquets, Fall Sunshine & Smiles, styled three different ways—so your living space or workspace looks as lovely as can be with the delightful blooming beauties you just received.

Your vase choice really has an impact on how your bouquet will look. You can choose a vase that is clear, colored, short, tall, plastic, glass, circular or any other shape. If you decide to use a vase with color, we recommend selecting the same color as one of the blooms in that bouquet. For example, this bouquet would look gorgeous with a bronze or ruby vase. We also like clear, so the flowers can really stand out.

 Your bouquet styled in a tall vase.

A tall vase that is round at the base with a tapered neck is perfect if you want your bouquet to make a grand statement. This bouquet style can be used as a centerpiece on a large table for a special occasion, like Thanksgiving or Christmas; or placed on an end table in the living room or bedroom to become a focal point of the room.

Trim the stems at a diagonal (to best absorb water) at varying lengths, and clip off any leaves that may be submerged under water (this applies to any style). Arrange the blooms so that the stems criss-cross for a dramatic effect—since the stems will be highly visible. The green filler can be left toward the outer portion of the bouquet and should be placed in the vase first. Place each bloom in the vase one-by-one so different colors mix together at random, and not just one flower color or variety is grouped together.


Your bouquet styled in a short vase.

This round “shorty” vase allows the flowers alone to really be the star of the show, and makes for a remarkable presentation. These would look absolutely gorgeous as a centerpiece on a smaller table, or on your office desk or side tables.

Clip the stems (at a diagonal again) little by little to shorten them to the length that will look best in the vase. Remove any excess filler since just the colorful blooms will fit in a smaller vase, and then insert each bloom one by one. Mix flower colors and varieties, and let the stems criss-cross for a rustic appearance.


Your bouquet styled in bud vases.

This style is a unique and fun way to display your fresh flowers. Gather a number of mismatched vases—all in varying heights and shapes. We suggest using all one color vase—or clear, as we did in this demonstration. Vases with bottlenecks work best for this style, so the blooms remain close together, as opposed to spreading out, or all collapsing to one side.

Place just one to three flowers of the same color and/or variety in each vase. Trim the stems (at a diagonal) so each flower in each vase is a different height—this makes a beautiful, dramatic display. These vases will look good all positioned together across a table, or scattered in different locations throughout the room—so everywhere you look, you will be reminded of your friend’s thoughtfulness.

There is no denying our fall flowers are beautiful all on their own. But you can really let them live up to their full potential based on how you arrange them. There is no one right way to style your bouquet—play around with different looks to find one that makes your bouquet really shine.