Bringing tulips into the home is like opening a window and letting in the sunshine, along with a breeze of fresh air. These beauties are so utterly spring; they are begging to be incorporated into your home décor this season.

Tulips can really turn up the charm in any space—and the best part is, they are so fun to style in unique ways. Watch this video for three fresh ideas for styling our multi-colored tulips:


Style 1: Pitcher perfect tulips

Fresh tulips in a water pitcher.

Find a fun, colorful pitcher in any shape or size to add an extra pop to these already brilliant blossoms. The more unique the pitcher, the better. The result is gorgeous!


Style 2: Monochromatic bundles

Monochromatic bundles of fresh tulips.

You’re probably no stranger to the color-blocking trend. If you love it as much as we do, try this look: separate the tulips by color and tie each group together with wire. Place them in a tall, clear, rectangular vase and voilà—perfection!


Style 3: A bowl of tulips 

Tulips in a bowl

One cool thing about tulips is they are super pliable. Because of their bendiness, you can actually place them sideways in a clear, glass fishbowl for this look. Stunning, right?

There is no denying tulips are pretty splendid from the moment you take them out of the box. Arranging them in an interesting, new way makes them all that much more spectacular. Take a look at some other ideas we’ve had for bouquet styling, and don’t forget to check back in for more creative style tips each month.