Red roses are classically romantic and beautiful, but sometimes the classics could use a bit of refreshing. We adore red roses styled in a traditional clear glass vase, but also love to see them looking a little more contemporary, unique and chic. If you are lucky enough to receive these ruby reds, you A) are loved and B) are looking for the best way to display them for all to admire. Watch this video tutorial to learn three fresh ways to style undeniably radiant red roses.

Before you begin styling, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Remove the blooms from their box
  • Always trim the stems at an angle
  • Remove all leaves that will be below the waterline
  • Pluck two to three outer petals (these serve as a protective guard)
  • Change water every few days



How to Style Red Roses: Cupcake Roses

We used a cupcake stand and mercury votive candles as our “vases” to create this gorgeous tiered look. You have the freedom to adapt this style with any type of containers or stand you want. Or, you could use a mix of different small vases or votive cups for a more shabby chic look.

Start by filling the vases with room-temp water, and then placing them on the stand.

Cut the stems short enough so that only the head of the flower is coming out of the vase—if you leave the stem too long, they will fall out. Then simply place one to two blooms in each vase. We also randomly added some greenery to help break up the look. There you have it—a sweet twist to those traditional reds.


How to Style Red Roses: Candlelight Roses

A popular wedding centerpiece, this look is not only cool, but it totally helps set the mood for romance.

You’ll need three clear cylinder vases at varying heights, three plastic cups, three straight pins, scissors, vase stones and three floating candles.

Fill each vase just halfway with fresh water.

Using scissors, cut out the bottoms of the three plastic cups, and then puncture the center of each one with the straight pin, leaving it poking out the other side.

Trim the rose stem to your desired length and then insert the pin straight into the bottom of the stem. Place the plastic-cup bottom, which acts as an “anchor,” inside the vase, so the rose is floating in the center.

Line the bottom of the vase with the clear decorative stones and fill the vase to the top with water, so the entire rose is submerged.

Place a floating candle at the top, light those babies and ignite the romance.


How to Style Red Roses: Roses Cubed

For a super sleek and modern look, try this anything-but-square style. You’ll need a clear cube vase (any size) and vase stones (optional). The number of roses you use depends on the size of the cube.

First fill the vase with water, and then cover the bottom with the decorative stones (if using them). Trim the stems to the same height as the vase, and then place them into the vase standing up–pack them tightly so they remain in place.

Voilà—a perfectly posh red rose arrangement!


Roses are beautiful just about any way you style them, whether traditional or a little edgier. If you’re lucky enough to receive some bright beautiful reds, try putting a unique spin on an old romantic favorite.